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How to Improve Intellectual Performance, a 3 Step Program

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3 Step program

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Memory Enhancement Program:

Ayurvedic perspective

In the world of competition today, the importance of intellectual performance is unquestionable. Intellectual strength is more important than just physical strength. There are many herbal products claiming extraordinary benefits towards improvement in the area of intellectual performance. Ayurveda has given a different kind of perspective from 3 different angles. It is essential to understand them and notice the scientific base involved in the steps for improving intellectual abilities.

A three step process:

There are three steps involved in the process of improving the intellectual performance.

1.        Grasping the knowledge

2.        Storing the acquired knowledge

3.        Timely recall of the acquired knowledge

In the 1st step, one needs to have proper attention and correct interpretation of the knowledge from the environmental factors. The 5 sense organs (Nose, Tongue, Eyes, Skin and Ears) are the tools or the external devices for acquiring the knowledge. The understanding is completely dependant on the healthy state of these organs. Smell, Taste, Visual subjects, touch sensation and hearing are 5 different subjects which are transmitted to the brain with the help of these sense organs. Hence it is essential to have these channels or the nerves in healthy state and must possess adequate lubrication. If there is any error or threshold in any of the sensation carrying organs (the nerves), the transmission of the knowledge will not be proper. The acquired knowledge from the external environmental factors is stored in the frontal lobe of the memory which is of “short term kind of memory”.  Hippocampus is the area of the brain which changes the short term memory into long term memory. Hippocampus is functional even during the sleep. Hence, the subject read just before sleeping is remembered very well in the morning. Ayurveda has mentioned excellent formulations to help the sensory organs to achieve proper cleansing effect and fulfil the requirement of adequate lubrication. A team of experts and research scientists have formulated an exclusive Ayurvedic product by the name “Cleverin nasal drops” containing saffron as one of the main ingredients and cow ghee as a base. It should be made warm and put in the nostrils which eventually provide the therapeutic benefits to the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and the brain cells. Consuming oral medicines in the form of tablets, syrups, capsules or granules is not just enough in real sense. Administering these nasal drops is the 1st and very important step towards improvement in the intellectual strengths, especially the acquisition. The knowledge acquired by the sense organs is entirely transmitted to the brain by this process. The subject should put 2-3 drops in each nostril in the morning and the process should be repeated in the evening.

Second step is about retention of the acquired knowledge, which is completely dependant on the neurons or the brain cells. After receiving the acquired knowledge, the brain analyses it and keeps it in the proper place. It is as simple to understand that a librarian arranges the new stock of books in appropriate shelf by coding them properly. If the library orders more books and requires more number of shelves, he arranges to order them and then puts them in particular sequence. The brain also needs more storage capacity for additional knowledge. It is scientifically proved that Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) mentioned in Ayurveda practically enhances protein kinase activity and produced an increase in protein in hippocampus. The bacosides (the active constituent in Brahmi) regenerate synapses and repair damaged neurons, makes the learning easier and remember new things. Bacopa also increases the levels of Serotonin, a brain chemical which promotes relaxation. Clinically it is observed that this herb improves cognitive function and brain’s retention capacity. Shankhapushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis) works by improving the oxygenated blood supply to the brain tissue. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is yet another herb which has phenomenal role in memory improvement and also restores the immunity. Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) accelerates wound healing and restores physical strength. Cleverol contains these four herbs and is available in the from of Chocolate flavoured granules. For improving the memory retention, 2 teaspoon in a cup of milk, once daily is enough to achieve the therapeutic benefits. Instead of tea/ coffee, this is certainly a better choice for the schooling children as a regular health drink.

The third step:

The 3rd and most important step of memory enhancement is the “recall process”. Many factors are responsible for affecting this process. Stress, fear, loud noise, lack of interest, inadequate exercise, wrong diet, weak concentration etc. are some major factors, which should be taken care of during the course of studies. Recently German researchers found they could use specific perfume at night to re-activate new memories in the brains of people during sleep and the volunteers remembered better on the next day. The test conducted showed the 96.2 % result and the control group performed only 82%. During the studies, MRI scan showed that the activity of Hyppocampus was stimulated during inhalation of particular odour. Based on this research, we have developed a novel product by the name “Vidyarthi Agarbatti”. This Agarbatti does not contain strong perfumes but it is composed by the herbs like Tulsi, Jatamansi etc. which improve the recall function of the brain. Student should light this Agarbatti in the bed room where he intends to sleep. It is also good to light this while studying to improve the consolidation of memory.

Summary: This pack of “Common Health Memory kit” contains 3 different products for memory related functions.

1.        Cleverin Nasal Drops for improving the grasping process and help transmitting it properly to the brain.

2.        Cleverol chocolate flavoured drink to improve the retention capacity of the brain.

3.        Vidyarthi Agarbatti for accelerating the memory recall process and consolidate the short-term memory into long-term.

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