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Business Coaching Improves Executive Performance

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Business coaching is a partnership between the coach and the client. It is a level where the coach and the client quite effortlessly become a part of great results, in the quickest possible time. Coaches are generally counselors, who discuss the problems with the clients and help them solve the issues. Executive coaching is a consulting relationship between a psychologist and an executive, to improve his work-related performance. Executive business coaching is viewed in two forms. Enhancement, in which a high functioning executive participates, to improve his overall performance and Remediation, in which an executive is asked by a superior to voluntarily participate in the business coaching program, to rectify his behavior.

Effective coaching and mentoring can function as a catalyst, when leaders and executives are ready to enhance their leadership qualities or want to increase their performance levels. Executive coaching may be with one individual or with a whole team. The change or shift occurs through some change in thinking, attitude and behavior. Business coaches work with talented executives to facilitate that change, by providing them with a clear focus, discipline, support, inspiration and challenge to realize and understand their professional and personal potential.

Business coaching helps executive clients by providing them with:

. Greater clarity to view their objectives and also guides them towards achieving them.

. Improved communication, relationship and leadership skills.

. Help in motivating them as well as their team.

. Greater ability to lead and facilitate change.

. Enhanced ability to get beyond challenges and to optimize their opportunities.

. Reduced stress levels of executives and improved resilience level and thus, a balance in work.

. Increased confidence and ability to take effective action

. Optimized thinking, attitude and behavior.

. New performance level and results on a personal as well as team level.

Basically, in coaching and mentoring programs:

1. Coaches clarify the existent position of the client and where they would like to be in future. They identify the baseline data, review the existing business data and gain input from the client and selected individuals.

2. Business coaches develop a comprehensive process, to establish the compelling and measurable outcomes required for the coaching and mentoring program. This involves establishing the timeframes and measurements required for success.

3. Coaching and mentoring involves regular coaching sessions for work achievement and desired outcome. They also help the candidate to handle challenges and opportunities that come up during the session.

4. The coaching is completed with the measurement and a client report, identifying the success of the process based on the development of new behavior and commercial results.

A business coach assists an executive to identify, evaluate and cut through his personal leadership and organizational challenges, by exploring new insights on the issues hindering his or her progress and also offers possible solutions. Coaches generally provide an outside objective view, on how the executive is being perceived, how he could improve his influence and how to re-frame an approach to gain maximum results. Business coaching offers a very personalized approach, to address a wide variety of leadership, development and corporate challenges.

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