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A Boost to the 2007 Auto Performance

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MSD ignition, world’s leader in ignitions, coils and accessories, launched its Performance Electronics for 2007. Some of these new products do not fall squarely under the ignition banner of the company. They cover advanced electronics coupled with powerful performance that MSD ignition specializes.

In more than 35 years, ignition MSD, is known to be evolving with innovations and technologies. The most recent releases are DashHawk vehicle information system and Blaster electronic fuel injection system.

Previously, MSD ignition has teamed up with other leaders in performance electronics like Racepak, Superchips, and Edge Products. Racepak is famed for its domineering presence in almost every aspect of motorsports. It showcases advanced data systems designed to deliver efficient circle track cars, fuel dragsters, and enhanced powersports applications. Nowadays, Racepak is offering a wide-variety of unique loggers, gauges, software, and ancillary equipment used for gathering data. Superchips and Edge Products concentrate on late model domestic performance computer programming. They use distinct technology to bring about improved electronics performance. Basically, Superchips specializes in program tuners and plug-in while Edge Products is focusing on mastering the ins-and-outs of communicating to modify the signals of factory ECU. Critics in the industry attest to the capabilities of both the companies.

By sharing information technologies with renowned and trusted names in the industry, MSD developed cutting-edge products to boost performance in the automotive industry. The rapid expansion of the company is attributed to different business ventures. “This acquisition represents another example of Gryphon’s successful strategy of proactively targeting attractive industry sectors and developing market-leading businesses. With MSD, we are investing in a leading performance motor sports brand and we are excited about building upon the reputation of quality and customer service established by the company and its founders,” said David Andrews, president and managing general partner of Gryphon Investors during the company’s acquisition of MSD.

“Our leadership team is committed to continuing MSD’s achievements in developing absolutely cutting-edge products and satisfying our intensely loyal customer base,” said Gresham CEO of Dynojet Research, Inc who also joined MSD. “With the growing popularity of motor racing, we see new opportunities to leverage MSD’s unsurpassed brand strength among performance enthusiasts.”

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