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Tips To Empower Your Team At Work

Tony Jacowski asked:

An effective action plan is only as good as its execution, and empowering members of the team doing that execution is key to its success. Following are some tips for bringing that about.

The success of any industry, company, or organization depends on the performance of the employees. Around the world, what makes any organization successful is how well-motivated the employees are. A successful manager gets optimum performance out of their employees.

This can happen only when the team leader, who acts as liaison between the team and management, is intelligent enough to grasp the policies of the company and is capable of translating them into motivational factors.

Some Tips to Empower Your Team

1. Clear Objectives. If staff is to commit to the success of the organization, they need a clear understanding of the objectives and purpose of the team effort. This enables participants to feel comfortable and confident about their contribution to the overall success of the institution.

2. Rewards. It is a basic human instinct for workers to tend to their own self-interests first. Therefore, they expect employers to reward them for a successful performance.

3. Recruiting the right people. This makes the job of the manager easier, and it can reduce conflict among the team members. Hopefully, well-chosen team members will work together for the common good of the company.

When this happens, a company becomes successful in the marketplace.

4. Establishing basic rules for getting the work done. This needs to happen at the outset, so the team members will understand how they are to proceed and how conflicts will be settled. Team members also need to know how decisions will be made and how results will be measured.

Keeping them in the dark about these things only leads to difficulty. Making each and every member of the team accountable for performance is vital to the attainment of goals and objectives.

5. Promotion of curiosity. This leads to high-energy teams that solve their own problems and go beyond the usual mediocrity that characterizes so many companies in the 21st century.

Managers who wish to distinguish themselves open the floodgate to the unique contributions their employees bring to the team, rather than insisting on generating all the ideas themselves.

6. Promote urgency. In order to make the team perform at a faster pace and give best results, promote urgency in completion of the task and it will lead to good results.

Keep tabs on all the work that has been completed and periodically keep team members informed about what they have accomplished, which in turn will motivate the team to perform well.

Team leaders can do many things to achieve high performance; these are only a few.


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