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What Does Your Body language Say About You To Women?

Paul Corral asked:

You have heard it before. The majority of communication, as much as 93%, is non-verbal! This makes verbal communication worth a scant 7% when it comes to communicating with anyone! In the dating game men are so caught up in what to say, we never consider how we should be saying it. How a man moves and carries himself speaks volumes about him.

If you feel like you are saying the right things and conveying good qualities about yourself but still seem to fail when it comes to building attraction with women, your body language could be what is holding you back.

Now imagine the exact opposite scenario. You strike up a conversation with a beautiful woman in a bookstore and the conversation is completely normal. You’re not being flirtatious or funny at all. Yet, you build that gut level attraction, she feels electricity between you two and agrees to have a cup of coffee and see you again!

This article will give you a primer on body language that will greatly increase your power to attract women! Once you know what your doing wrong, what to do instead, and what to look for, the right body language will become second nature around women.

You want to show women you are confident and build that sexual energy from across the room or without saying a word? The first thing about confidant body language is something your mother has been telling you since you were a kid. Stand and sit up strait. A hunchback is not sexy or confident. Walk and stand with your head up and shoulders back, like a freaking man! Simple enough but look at yourself in the mirror and pay attention to how you sit and stop slouching. Your mother will be so proud!

The second and less obvious body language rule you must learn is to slow down! Your walk, the way you turn your head, and your gestures should all be slow and calm. This creates a mysterious and confident image. Another element of slowing down is eliminating fidgeting. Stop taping your fingers, peeling the labels from your beer, taping your feet, all of it. It is a dead give away that your nervous. These slow movements make you seem very confident but there are a few more important details to remember.

Slowing your movements down still wont be good if your movements still convey nervousness or insecurity. This is why the fidgeting had to go and that is why looking all around the room every two minutes must go! When you are in a social venue, never scan the room looking for women. Most men do this repeatedly. It makes you look predatory and weak at the same time.

Most unfortunate is it makes you look like your not having fun or engaging conversations with the people your with. Always engage your friends or group. Have fun, smile, laugh. When you glance up and happen to meet a beautiful woman’s eyes you will look like a more interesting person.

Now that your movements are relaxed and slow, and your posture is as it should be, open up your stance and take up a little more room. That’s right, take up more room, and don’t try to hide. Stand with your feet spread a little further apart, this goes for when you’re seated too. A man of status and confidence does not try to squeeze his way into a group; he is standing as an equal or leader of the group with plenty of standing room.

Now it is time for my favorite and perhaps the most important aspect of body language. When first meeting, eyes with a woman can be magical. Your eyes may be all you have! What do most men do wrong when it comes to this very important aspect of non-verbal communication? A couple of things actually.

The first and most common is they will look away immediately after making eye contact with a woman as if they got caught doing something wrong! Another classic is to simply have the wrong look on your face or in your eyes. Don’t look at women like a puppy begging its master for table scraps and on the flip side; do not look at a woman like a wolf does pray!

When your eyes meet a beautiful woman’s hold her gaze for a couple of seconds, then look away slow as if you don’t want to stop looking at her. Your look will convey your attitude. It may sound funny but you should try to think of something confident when your eyes meet hers. Just don’t think of anything sleazy because it will show on your face.

Think things like: I think your cute, you seem interesting, and I could show you a good time, etc. You will find your gaze will be one of a slightly raised eyebrow a narrowing of the eyes just slightly, which conveys that you like what you see and a mysterious confidence.

When it comes to communicating non-verbally you will find the more conscious of your movements you are the more intuitive it can become. The idea of conveying anything more than general ideas like confidence may seem a little far fetched to you right now. While we are not talking about telepathy here, what we are saying is your moods and attitudes can be communicated through body language much more than you think.

Women see it and that means you need to see it. This article will give you the basic understanding of body language that will develop your social intuition. Before you know it, you will be communicating volumes without speaking a word and building amazing connections with women while saying less.

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