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Bring Performance Management to Your Organization

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Performance management is the key to driving success in your organization.  To ensure a quality system of performance management is implemented, you should incorporate the following key elements into your program:

· Equal treatment for all employees – Any business looking to succeed must treat all employees the same, regardless of their position in the company.  All employees need to have access to the tools needed for success and all need the opportunity to grow.

· Consistent six-month feedback and annual reviews for all employees – For a performance management system to work there has to be regular feedback in addition to annual reviews in order to achieve consistent feedback.

· A documented system of rewarding top notch results – Although employees don’t need to know each other’s salaries and shouldn’t know what each other’s bonus amounts are, it is critical that your company reward great performance.  Money, stock options, comp days, and increasing responsibility are all ways to reward great results.

· A documented system of progressive discipline – Unfortunately, there are some employees that don’t seem to want to do the things they need to do in order to succeed and it is important to communicate very clearly what they need to do in order to continue to remain employed.  A good system, that clearly explains what happens when results aren’t where they need to be, is key to improving performance.

How a company deals with its peak performers and its lowest performers will determine the success of that company.  Bring performance management to your organization and watch the performance increase.

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