Defining Leadership

How To Define Yourself As A Leader In Your Organization

Tony Jacowski asked:

A leader has multiple attributes that distinguish him as different from the masses and that he can be looked up to by members of his organization. Companies that employ the Six Sigma methodology need employees with leadership aptitude.

Defining Yourself as a Leader

Do you remember any incidence when you thought of ways to get your ideas across and got the job done? It was probably your goal to plan and execute a new task or an old one in a different way. This new approach of yours was a culmination of your maturity as a team player with the ability to execute tasks thoughtfully and in a cost-effective way.

There are 3 ways that you can establish yourself as a leader:

1. Establish Yourself As Dependable. Today’s business environments need reliable problem-solvers. The more you become dependable more your stature grows as a recognized leader.

2. Resourcefulness is the next crucial step. Being able to know or find the answers to problems will always be valued. Also, making yourself available always gets the attention of upper management. The importance of data sometimes defines the success of the operation; however, all business systems still depend on human interaction.

3. Make Yourself Approachable to your peer group as well as your junior colleagues. This enhances your reputation as a team player and a great motivator.

The first steps to defining yourself as a leader in your organization is by taking on new responsibilities and meeting them. This asserts your position as a dependable person. But achieving this is no small feat – it takes a very strong character.

Leading From the Front

You can’t assert yourself as a leader unless you can lead from the front in any sort of conceivable business situation. This is the basic quality of a leader around which all things develop. This step requires a definite level of maturity that prevents you from jumping into easier and hasty decisions. Recognize that not all of the decisions that you will be asked to make will be easy. An evolved manager should avoid being emotional when he has to discipline a coworker or subordinate. Your actions must be justifiable and must be a step toward company goals.

As a leader, you must be a good listener and communicator. You can’t do this if you are always talking! Listening to the ideas of colleagues may generate new ideas while building up your confidence. Leading brainstorming sessions are essential in this process.

Good follow-up after plan execution marks another important quality of a leader. If you don’t follow up, projects will definitely run into problems due to lack of direction and will eventually fail.

Human Approach

A good leader is appreciated by colleagues because they believe in him and his abilities. Listening to your colleagues’ problems, whether personal or work-related, and attempting genuinely to solve them, gains their respect which is the mark of a good leader.

Not all leaders are born; some are made through thought, grit and desire to win.

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