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Managed Partitioning Services: for Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

Angela Hayden asked:

Over the last couple of years, the telecommunications industry has shown a consistent and stable growth particularly in the realm of audio communication. Understanding the importance of communication in day-to-day life, the ‘channels’ of communication have also become important. Communicating with VoIP has several benefits; call quality is good and users are away from any sort of glitch while communicating. Packet switching technique in VoIP plays a pivotal role in this regard.

Using this advanced technology, users are able to make international and long distance calls at significantly low rates. Noticing this fact, existing PSTN providers are moving to venture into the field of Internet telephony for reaping profits. Consequently, anyone with a wide client base and effective sales marketing team can avail managed partitioning services. SMBs are making the most of the available IP opportunities and realizing their growth objectives.

While focusing on the investment point of view, this managed switch partitioning does not require much. The basic aim of managed services is to increase the output and to expand the business arena without setting up infrastructure. These services are offered by the VoIP providers to various resellers and wholesalers at affordable rates.

The managed VoIP services allow users to transmit and receive voice, data and video over a single IP network. Thereby, this reduces cost of calls and enhances call productivity. In the managed services, the voice or analog signals are converted into digital compressed packets. Later, they are routed through VoIP switches across the Internet. The packet switching technique of transferring the data is very fast, as packets are channeled onto various paths. Among various switches, nextone switch is the one of the most reliable and stable. Benefits associated with the switch include:

1.Instant termination of over 20,000 calls

2.Generation of valid reports pertaining to sales and traffic. This facilitates greater control over the business.

3.Enhancement and diversification of business operations through hosted VoIP switches.

In a nutshell, for venturing in the IP telephony domain, large investment is not required. Therefore, considering these facts, existing providers are offering managed VoIP services; and wholesalers and resellers are making the most of these offers and expanding their areas of business.

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