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Inspirational Leaders

Syed Muzaffar Aqleem Tirmizi asked:

You must have seen strong public figures in society. I am not referring to the people who are self proclaimed celebrities. However, I am talking about the people who have such a charismatic characters that you like to be around them all the time. They always have a very cheerful mood and whatever they say or do carries a lot of depth. People gather around and listen with a lot of attention and try to follow whatever is being communed. These are the people that we romanticize. Ever wonder what do they have or what have they done in order to achieve such a stature? I am sure every one of us has asked this question to ourselves at some point of time. In this article I will be explaining who they are and how they have became what they are.

These people have a very strong bond with their colleagues and friends and are very strongly connected with their family, spouse and children. One can always rely on these individuals for a sincere piece of opinion, guidance, and direction. No matter what turn the life will take weather for the good or the worst these individuals will always remain reactionless as if they are least bothered.

Many would say that there is an element of providence that whatever they touch turns into gold. On the contrary facts speak otherwise. To some extent luck too plays its role but there is more to it then mere fate.

Let me support my point with the following facts.

1) As it’s said by intellectuals “When you have principles then the decision is not that hard to make.” Now these leaders have great sense of knowledge about what is Right and what is wrong. They will always have the right, lawful and mode of conducting their operation. Have great deal of integrity and credibility.

2) These leader always keep their promises and commitments. They will always analysis what is at stake and will make a rational commitment. If they feel that the promise is difficult to execute they will honestly communicate it rather then going ahead and deceiving the other person.

3) They are the people who when found success will ALWAYS share their glory and accomplishments with all the people who were part of the project. They will not miss-out in appreciating anyone. While if they face a set-back then these people will claim all the responsibility and will try their level best that no one else in their team should be held accountable.

4) Failure is a word which is missing in their vocabulary. They feel as if its their born right to win. Tough, at times things don’t go their way but they way they accept this setback seems as if they are victorious again.

5) They are creative and very innovative in whatever they do.

6) They have a very elevated “ Values ” and are a perfect example of the word “Integrity.” In all respects.

The list of persona can go on and on. What we need to realize are the fact that there is nothing in the qualities illustrated which has come from outside. These are all the traits we have inside of us. Hence, all we require is to look within us and try to find out the true inspirational leadership. These leaders they don’t lead people but principally they are leading themselves. Therefore, stop focusing on all around us and start concentrating on ourselves because that is the place where you will find the answers. We need to realize that we are in control of our lives in terms of defining the happiness, success or failures. An Inspirational Leader always finds success within every failure. We have to stop looking at the things from the world’s perspective and create our own “A winner’s perspective.”


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