Communicating as a Leader

Characteristics of a Successful Leader

Shu Wei Wong asked:

As a leader, how should you answer when your subordinate questions you – Why should I be lead by you? The reason some lead, while others are being led, is because leaders bear certain characteristics that make subordinates want to be led.

Leaders create opportunities to learn.

A leader creates opportunities to learn – from him and from oneself. I don’t believe a leader knows everything under the sun. They are not omnipotent. There is as much that he/she can learn from their subordinates, just as the subordinates learn from the leader. Through the requirements and demands of the boss, oneself can discover one’s potential and ability to assume the task. One can also explore many ways to complete certain task.

Leaders bring focus their subordinate and the organisation.

The leader is well aware of the strategy and direction of the organisation. He sees the big picture and is able to focus his subordinates in executing successfully today and not just planning for tomorrow.

Leaders are able to work with and influence people.

A leader is an influencer, not dictator and sway others with deep industry knowledge, connections throughout organisation and ability to communicate effectively across the entire organisation and beyond.

Leaders drives changes and takes care of externalities.

A good leader in itself is an excellent change agent and is highly adaptable to changes. They take changes in good stride and is able to assimilate perfectly into the work flow. In this instance, followers can take to such leaders for direction and work towards the change.

In the nutshell, good leader are humane and charismatic in their own way, hence making people want to be lead by you. There is no one fix formula to be a good leader, as everyone will have their own personal styles. Most importantly, leaders make a habit of sensing, framing and aligning, so that they are prepared for the call, no matter in what regards, which can arise any moment.

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