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Becoming Friends With The Astral Plane!

Abhishek Agarwal asked:

The Astral Plane is an amazing and exciting world. Whenever we Astral Project, our consciousness gets tuned into the Astral plane. We find ourselves in a totally different environment that has got a science of its own. The Astral Plane is a different world altogether, and it does take some time to get used to it!

When we were children, we had to learn how to walk, talk, see and comprehend things. On the Astral Plane, we are children once again, and have to re-learn the basics of communication, movement and sight.

Communication On the Astral Plane : When we are out of the body, into the Astral Plane, communication is accomplished by thought-transference (Telepathy). Since our waking habits have taught us to use our vocal chords and our lips, we may sometimes find ourselves communicating verbally. But it is not necessary at all. The utilization of telepathy means that every soul understands every other soul without any language barrier. All communication is done by thoughts, and words are done away with.

This kind of non-verbal communication can occur between you and any other living entity, human or non-human, irrespective of the language of the entities.

Such telepathic communication is very effective because we receive a lot of information in a fraction of a second. Moreover since no words are being used, the message received is very accurate and chances of misinterpretation is highly reduced

During your projections, such thought-transference can be very mind-expanding. The very fact that you are consciously communicating telepathically is a thrilling and magical experience to say the least!

Movement On The Astral Plane : Once out of the body, the possibilities are endless. There are no restrictions in the means of locomotion as are present in the physical body. However, because of our years of conditioning, we might find ourselves “walking” like we normally do in the Physical. In the Astral, this is a clumsy way of locomotion indeed and “walking” is not required. There are much better ways at our disposal! As the Astral Plane defies gravity, you may choose to glide or fly.

Gliding is good if you want to travel short distances, but for traveling great distances it is often better to travel to your destination instantly simply by forming the intent to do so, and imagining yourself to already be there. With practice, you will realize that just “thoughts” can move you. You think about a location and you are there in an instant! Your intention will control all your movements. Since you are not used to this kind of locomotion, it will take some practice to master and control. With experience, you gain better mobility.

You will find that sometimes your motion is not controlled by you. There are mysterious Astral currents that will often take you somewhere even without your volition. But if you exercise a strong will, you can go wherever you want to.

Vision On The Astral Plane : In the Physical body we have around 220 degrees of vision, i.e. we can only see in front of us and sideways. We are unable to see what’s behind us, above us or below us at the same time.

But in the Astral, all our senses are enhanced, including our vision. The Astral body has a 360 degrees spherical vision which is like one huge multi faceted eye that can see in all directions, up, down, left, right, front, back, and all at once! Rather than being restricted to the normal narrow field of vision of the physical eyes you can now look all around you at the same time.

The brain, because of its lifelong habit of frontal vision, cannot assimilate spherical vision. Therefore, using this innate Astral ability might take some time to get used to. Again, practice is the key.

Astral Blindness : Sometimes, especially if you are new, you will find that your Astral vision is very blurred or even non-existent. This usually happens if you are too close to your body (within about 10 feet). When you move away, your astral vision comes into focus. So, to get rid of this Astral blindness, the best thing to do is to move further away from your physical body by imagining you have already done so, and then mentally state the command with as much authority and energy as possible “Vision Now!” You will find that your vision becomes clearer

Watch your thoughts : The Astral plane is highly responsive to thoughts. Any thought will instantly manifest. So it is important to retain full control over your thoughts and emotions at all times. If you do not achieve this level of control you can scare yourself back into your physical body.

If you are frightened of the possibility of meeting an evil being and create such a particular thought within your mind then it will immediately manifest and the evil being will appear in the same the form as you imagined. This being will not be real of course, but rather a product of your own imagination. So if you don’t fear, you will not have any problems.

Once you learn how to move, see, communicate and think in the Astral, you would find yourself a second home! The Astral plane would prove to be a very good friend. You will find limitless possibilities that will allow you to learn, grow, and become better in all spheres of your life.

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