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Are You A Natural Born Leader

Gav Shannon asked:

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to dominate in a particular group, they are the head of the department, captain of their chosen sport, local council or they just have an aura that people seem to want to be around. They are the ones that people would follow into battle if asked. You know them, we all do.

These people are the ones that put themselves there in other words they have branded themselves as that go to person. The person that people rely on for advice is the wise sage. He/she that knows all and can answer most of the hard questions that need answering.

With internet marketing businesses, to succeed this is what you need to become, a leader. On the internet there are many people looking for that leader. A leader that can give them the information they require to assist them to achieve online greatness and guide/coach them until they too can become a leader trusted to deliver quality information to their clients/following.

Are you that person?

I believe that leaders are made, wether its by choice or by chance it dose not mater. A leader has exhibited some trait that people within their circle of influence have struck upon.

That trait is the catalyst that brings a group of followers to believe an individual would make a difference and therefore are willing to follow.

This is very powerful for an internet marketer. If he/she can be seen as a person that exhibits a leaders trait and is willing to assist others (sometimes with no real return). Then he/she can set themselves to be a person that is trusted by others and that being so, when the opportunity arises can offer services, products or opportunities that will benefit the client and earn money for themselves.

This branding/establishing a relationship or what ever your want to call it, is what makes the difference between someone that excels on the net to the someone that builds a list but has no real tie back or relationship to the lead or client.

An example would be, would you buy a house off a car salesman that has no experience in selling houses, (you wouldn’t) but you probably would buy one off a salesman that you new and trusted, because he has established himself in the community as a realtor of experience and therefore should know a good deal.

It is no different on the net, you must establish yourself, get kudos, and this will greatly enhance your success on the net.

How do you do this, establishing yourself?

Well you take action and plenty of it. You will need to get started as soon as possible as this process does take time. You will need to establish a presence on the World Wide Web. One way of doing this is to write articles like this one and post them to as many ezines and article posts that you can find. These articles credit the author and have a bio that you might want to promote your website with as most will allow you to do this. This establishes a back link to your website.

Another is to write classifieds that promote your website and again post them to as many places that are free and as long as they have your back link to your website you will benefit.

Remember the more back links to your site will give you an advantage with the search engines and their web crawlers, giving you a higher standing when a natural search takes place. If you can achieve first or second page listings for your site then you have saved yourself a lot of money.

Once you have traffic to your site you then need capture their details so as to start to build a relationship with these people. It is not advisable to try and sell to the customer or get them to join your opportunity straight away. What is good is to find out what they need (maybe by survey) and deliver to the customer something that would assist them.

Once you have established yourself as the leader in a particular niche then you might want to offer other programs, products or services. Then you will succeed online and you will be a leader!

Remember Leaders are made and you can be made to be a leader it is all up to you.

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