Communicating as a Leader

3 Ways to Successfully Communicate in a Home-based Business

William Winch asked:

In network marketing, it is essential to position yourself as a leader. This means you want people to think of you as someone they can trust and rely on for support, leadership and friendship. You are in the people business. Success depends on your ability to help others achieve their goals and dreams by following your lead. That means you must become a master of communication.

When you can get people to rely on you and include you into their lives, your home-based business will begin to shift into high gear. You’ll be amazed at how many people you can enroll just by taking an interest in their hopes and dreams through proper communication. Being a master doesn’t mean you have to be the best, it just means you have to apply a few simple techniques into your mode of operation.

The first lesson in communication is to be prompt. Whenever someone leaves you a voice message or e-mails you, answer them swiftly. Don’t wait several days hoping that it will make you look important. Answer their questions and attend to their needs as soon as possible. This will let them know you are in business to help them and they will soon begin to rely on you for support.

One returned phone call or e-mail note is where it ends though. Do not return the same call several times leaving different messages. If someone is serious, they will get back to you. Taking care of issues and getting them out of the way is important, but you can’t sit around worrying about everyone. People who call too often seem desperate. You wouldn’t want people calling you all the time, so don’t do it to anyone else.

All wealthy people are incredibly well networked, so the second tip for communication is to start meeting people. Successful people didn’t become that way by themselves. Get to know everybody you can, even your competition. Go the extra mile and call people, send cards and always give of yourself freely. Let people know who you are and what you stand for. Most people get ahead in life because of who they know, not because they are extra talented or gifted.

Start by making a few phone calls per day. Don’t try to sell anything, and wrap each conversation up within a few minutes. Let them know you are thinking of them for whatever reason, and ask them how they are doing. You may think this is a little shallow and manipulative, but it’s more on the lines of maintaining your stature. You want people to think you as reliable and willing to reach out.

When was the last time you received anything in the mail that wasn’t a bill or an advertisement? People will remember a simple card that says you are thinking of them, especially when it isn’t their birthday or christmas. These are the kinds of things that bring you up and above everyone else. Sincerity and a genuine concern for the well-being of others without asking for anything in return actually comes back to you in more ways that you can imagine.

The third and final way to successfully communicate is to become a mentor. Teach those willing to learn the things you learned to be successful. Start seeing people as being under your care. Participate in trainings and practice the art of getting your point across. Like the members of a high school debate team, you want to get your points of view across in a persuasive manner.

Limit who you mentor to only those who have gone through some sort of a challenge to deserve it. Whether it is achieving a certain volume of business or attending a conference call. Let them earn the right to take their business higher with your help. It took a lot of hard work for you to get where you are, even if your business isn’t currently where you would like it to be, so your advice and guidance should not be taken lightly.

When you can limit who you mentor, it is easier to focus on getting to know each person individually. This allows you to teach according to their personalities, and they will learn faster and easier. Not everyone has the ability to grasp every technique in the same way. Some people can take information and run wild with it, while others need to be shown in baby steps. Personalizing your communication allows you to become a better mentor.

Practice these three communication techniques and you will find your home-based business accelerating faster than ever before. Network marketing is all about reaching out to people. The more you do it in the right ways, the more successful you will be.

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