Young and Minority Leaders

6 Possible Reasons Why Your Dog Is Being Aggressive

Jessica Baker asked: One of the most common queries we get from subscribers to our newsletter is how to curb and eliminate their dog’s aggressive behaviour. Quite recently in the UK there have been two highly publicized cases of very young children being attacked by dogs (the same breed in both cases) and one sadly […]


Engaging your Audience: Successful Techniques for your Workshop

RivkyShimon asked: Standing in front of a group of people, you might begin to get a little nervous. Nothing throws an audience as much as a nervous speaker. The anxiety in your voice sends a message that you don’t know the material as much as you want people to think you do. It might not […]

Feedback and Rewards

Your Writing Life: are You a Perfectionist? the Pros and Cons

Lucia Zimmitti asked: You’ve probably thought about your general temperament and how it impacts your relationships. For instance, you have some idea about what kind of friend you are, what kind of parent or sibling or spouse or significant other. But have you ever thought about what kind of writer you are? Finding out can […]