Feedback and Rewards

Motivate Your Sales Team to Crush the Tomato

Lee Salz asked: One of my favorite hobbies is playing baseball with my kids. I’m very involved with their Little League teams and volunteer to help teach baseball skills to the kids. My 7-year old son, Steven, is playing his first year of coach-pitch baseball. Prior to that, he played T-ball which is a very […]

Managing Performance / Setting Goals

Business Management: Key Skills of Great Managers

Naz Daud asked: Managing a business requires a wide range of skills and experience. All managers will have things that they are good at, and things that they are not. In this article I will examine the key skills that you should look to develop as a manager, and, if you’re an employer, the skills […]

Communicating as a Leader

Gazumping, the Rate Dance, Multiple Occupancy & Community Title

U.d. Pemberton asked: GAZUMPING I am going to talk a little bit about gazumping. I was reminded of this because I just recently witnessed two different sets of people disappointed because someone else came in and offered full price on a property. This kind of buying is usually a good indication that gazumping is around […]