Women in Leadership

Opting Out: Corporate Executives Face the Challenges of Balancing Personal and Professional Goals

Barb Krantz Taylor asked: All companies compete to find the best people in the workplace to fill their key leadership positions. But once they hire them, are they able to keep them happy and productive? Some of the most promising and highest potential leaders we have worked with have attained great success in their jobs […]

Problem Solving

Three Skills You Will Theoretically Re-Learn During PMP Exam Training

Jessica Parklanes asked: Admittedly, the four-hour rigorous PMP examination is a multiple choice type of test. However, you will re-learn three skills necessary to become a successful Project Manager during your PMP exam training, if not in practice then at least in theory. You will re-learn these skills precisely because you have to re-visit the […]

Non Standard Leadership Techniques

ICF Accreditation and Certification of Business Coaching

Kris Koonar asked: ICF stands for International Coach Federation. This international body has been formed by professionals who are practitioners of business and personal coaching. It is a non-profit organization of individual members and is the biggest resource for business and personal coaches. People or organizations, seeking the services of a coach, can approach it […]

Feedback and Rewards

Your Personal Development Plan

Vladimir C. Murray asked: To help ensure success in life it is good for every one of us to have a personal Development Plan (PDP) to guide us along life’s road. Your Personal development is not a destination, you’ll never get ‘there’ wherever ‘there’ is. Your personal development is ongoing so as you accomplish or […]