Problem Solving

Bittersweet Symphony

Stephen Marshall asked: This summer, concert goers will get a chance to save the world by rocking out to loud music and buying Earth-friendly cotton t-shirts. The Live Earth concert for our “climate in crisis” will surely raise the profile of environmentalism, but will it actually drive its audience to understand the root causes of […]

Defining Leadership

Leadership Lessons From Presidential Campaigns

Kevin Eikenberry asked: Every four years the United States elects a new President. The process isn’t simple, and it isn’t short. Because this process plays out in the news media, and because it requires leadership both to gain the job and do the job, there are lessons from the process for the taking. These lessons, […]

Women in Leadership

Our Collective Consciousness and True Leadership by Gita Saraydarian

Gita Saraydarian asked: This is a quote from one of Martin Luther King Jr.’s most profound speeches. Martin Luther King Jr. stands out as a person who truly connected to the Divine in himself. When he said, “I’ve been to the mountain top…” he is telling us that he is a man who has had […]