Transformational Leadership

Are Business Values Becoming More Spiritual

Richard Cox asked: I recently trained a group at a leading hedge fund in central London. There were a few articles on the wall regarding what they do. It mentioned that there was a charitable arm to the business, which was directly investing a portion of the profits into caring for children in Africa and […]

Conflict Resolution

Cyprus Resolution Opportunity Brings Surging Investment in Rental Property

Matt Gammie asked: Why invest in North Cyprus property? What distinguishes the property market there against more traditional locations for people to make investments in rental property, places like, for example, the well established tourist hot-spots of South France and the Costa del Sol? The answer is simple – North Cyprus is Europe’s most lucrative, […]

Micro Management

Manage Wealth Manage Money – Learn the Basics of Wealth Creation

Jamie B. McIntyre asked: Those words would seem atypical of someone who is already rich and well off, but that is a popular misconception. Whether large or small, any amount of money that you have should go through an exhaustive wealth management system – it is the lifeblood of any individual in the capitalist society […]