Traits of a Leader

The Astrological Sun Sign Gemini the Twins of the Western Zodiac

Burl Collins asked: Using the tropical zodiac system people born between May 22nd and June 21st are known by their Sun Sign Gemini the Twins and are associated with the constellation Gemini. The Element of the Gemini sign is Air and the color of Gemini is green. The starstone of Gemini is Moss Agate and […]

Women in Leadership

Star Trek Celebration in Hollywood Salutes the Women of Trek November 14

Stacy Fox asked: We were told that Star Trek would let us “boldly go where no man has gone before.” But there were women who went into the unknown, too. These are the women who traipsed among the stars. Nichelle Nichols was one of the first. Playing Communications Officer Lt. Uhura on the Original Series, […]