Communicating as a Leader

Leaders Establish Corporate Culture

Ed Horrell asked: What leaders of corporations and organizations say about others can play a powerful role in the culture that their company adopts. In addition to actions, policies, and communications, companies reflect what their leaders say. This can be revealing. Take Donald Trump, for example. From all appearances, Trump seems to run a successful […]

Feedback and Rewards

Few Most Effective Team Building Exercises

johndavid asked: Team building exercises are excellent exercises designed to motivate bonding between people and to strengthen teams of individuals who are cooperating on any particular project or may be working in school together. In selected cases, team might have set a budget for such team building exercises that comprises some exclusive trips and retreats […]

Traits of a Leader

In Search of the Uncommon Leader

Steve Lover asked: Leadership is a very hot topic today. It always has been and probably always will be. There is for good reason. There are not a lot of Uncommon Leaders around! The question is – why not? And what can we do to develop more Uncommon Leaders? Let’s start be defining what an […]