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What Do Women Want in Men?

Jason Rase asked:

What makes a man ideal in the eyes of a woman? Which is more important – a man’s honesty or a man’s money? Do looks matter the most?

Most guys spend some precious hours of their lives thinking about some of the above-mentioned questions. But, if you just go through this article, you can surely prepare yourself in a better way and turn into an eligible bachelor…Every woman craves for a beautiful and perfect relationship and if they come across the guy of her dreams, they will fall in love for sure.

‘My man will be such a guy on whom I can easily depend and can confide any problem of mine.’ Doesn’t the statement match the thought of most women? A woman must feel secure in the arms of her man. A man with a steady career can surely provide monetary security to his wife. Physical, financial and emotional security – all are important. A self-made man can turn out to be an absolute charmer among women. If the man provides her a comfortable and secured atmosphere, then love will surely blossom. Building trust is essential too. A man’s sex appeal lies in his dedication towards his wife.

A woman needs continuous flow of love and affection from her man. Frequent compliments and appreciation makes a woman more than happy. Verbal romance makes most women turned on, that too, by uttering genuine words of real love.

The man should be her emotional support system. He ought to be understanding enough. Keep in mind that compatibility is the most treasured aspect of the relationship between a man and a woman. The man who respects his wife’s needs and desires is an ideal husband.

Neglecting the area of physical passion is never desirable. Though women are capable of enjoying bad sex with the person they are in love with, good sex is definitely an area of priority.

A woman wants her man to be frank enough. The man is supposed to exchange a few words regarding any domestic, professional or personal issues with his wife. An attentive person is what a woman longs for. Compared to men, women seek attention more. He must lend a patient hearing to all problems of his wife too. He is supposed to devote enough time to listen to his wife.

Intelligence, compassion and benevolence are some of the prime qualities that can make women go gaga over their male counterparts. A loving and caring man makes a woman feel complete. He should be someone who can take all her sorrows away.

The guy should always present his real self in front of a woman. If he tries to be too pretentious, then it can be a major turn-off. An honest guy always sweeps a woman off her feet.

Women often search for leadership qualities in their men. Good leaders have always made women go weak in their knees. A confident and self-possessed man talks with her lady keeping direct eye contact. And these men can attract hordes of women.

An emotionally savvy person can make women fall for him. He should be such a person to whom a lady doesn’t hesitate to bare her heart and one who can accept the truth without getting offended.

A guy with a great sense of humor is always a hit among the women folk. Women love to laugh, so he desires her man to make her giggle all the times.

The man need not to be super handsome, a somehow presentable chap will certainly do. But, a well-groomed man always catches attention of the fairer sex. Looks of a man don’t matter much, what matters the most is how he carries himself. A neat and clean person is always the hands-down winner over the man with unkempt appearance.

An awesome physique may not fall under the criteria, but he should be physically fit enough. He must know how to keep his weight under control and maintain his figure. A man with a protruding stomach can be quite an eyesore for women.

When a woman meets a man, she always notices how he behaves and whether he is well mannered. He should be well aware of table etiquette. He must be the person who opens the door and let her lady enter into the car or a room.

The man should smell good. Body odor is a major turn off. The man should be well attired.

A man who neither smokes nor drinks can quickly make it to the list of favorites among women.

If he has the power of burning the dance floor, then women definitely get fascinated!

A woman is seldom bowled over by the outwardly appearance of a man. The overall persona of man is what draws them closer to the male species. If he is capable of creating emotional attachment with her and satisfies her physical and intellectual needs, then what more can a woman ask for?

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