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Things That Men Do That Annoy Women the Most

Michael Delph asked:

The love-hate relationship between a man and a woman is the area of study of many psychoanalysts. Though there are several things about men that make the hearts of women beat faster, some actions and behavior of the male species really get the women folk on their nerves.

Here is a comprehensive list of different activities by men that leave a woman infuriated:

Women hate men who lie. When she sees her man to be impractical and dishonest, then nothing can save the bond. If honesty and transparency is not there in a relationship, then what’s the use of carrying it on?

A man not sensitive enough to her needs and longings turns a woman off. A man without any feelings for her lets her down. If he is not understanding enough the woman is left offended.

The trait called arrogance is never acceptable to a woman. Boastful behavior from her partner may leave a woman fuming. So, all the bigheaded guys…beware!

A too self-centric person fails to build a proper mutual relationship. A woman will never give such a guy a place in her heart.

Trust is the foundation of relationship between a man and a woman. A man with roving eyes or a compulsive flirt is certainly an annoying creature.

The man who blows his own horn irritates a woman to the hilt.

Women want slow but steady development in their relationships. The man who doesn’t give much time to let their friendship and relationship grow and proposes to her all of a sudden often upsets the woman.

A mentally and emotionally strong human being appears in the dream of a woman. So, if the man, when challenged, fails to stand up to others, his ladylove is bound to get angry.

A man with submissive behavior is a strict no-no. Nobody wants her husband to be a meek and timid fellow.

Never try to act like a super-hero because she knows your limitations more than you! Pretense is never desirable.

Men who control women are not what they look for. Even, the men who surrender to their manipulation are not ideal.

The man who uses his girl as a mere ‘prop’ evokes repulsion among women.

He who treats her like a doormat and the man who lets him treated like a doormat – both types are utterly disgusting.

If the man appears to be a deprived, clingy and self-doubting individual, then he is not going to click with any woman.

A man lacking in leadership quality and lets him led by his female counterpart is totally frustrating.

A woman can be left disgusted if she comes across a man with unconfident, approval-seeking, low-status body language and voice tone.

For most of the women, friendship and romance are absolutely different things. They are irritated when her ‘guy friend’ tries to incorporate romantic overtones in their friendly relationship. She becomes up in arms when a little known guy or the person whom she considers only her friend tries to get intimate with her.

In the bedroom, if the guy jumps into routine sex act without engaging into exciting foreplay, the woman can feel frustrated. The man who refuses to put on his condom is frustrating too. If he leaves the girl wanting for more, then the person’s selfish behavior makes her angry. She is also annoyed when you hurt her while having sex. Body odor or bad breath of a man can become a major downer in bed. She can get furious if her man insists her for getting into sexual act when she is not in a mood to do so.

If the man spends more time in dressing up or doing make-up, then it’s definitely maddening for a woman. Again, if the man appears with a totally scruffy look, then it’s bothersome too.

The man, who makes the room messed up, invokes fury.

It’s surely aggravating if the man calls her every now and then for no reason at all.

A woman is irritated when you forget her birthday or even the marriage anniversary. Again, wasting too much money on frequent and expensive gifts can sometimes become the reason behind a woman’s annoyance.

If the person makes her wait for too long, forgets to give her any present on her birthday, overlooks her new dress or fails to keep his promise, she becomes exasperated.

The guy who lacks in the department of humor causes displeasure.

A man wearing too much of cheap perfume or cologne can evoke laughter, but never admiration.

Women cannot tolerate lewd conduct or foul, abusive language from a man.

A man wearing out of fashion clothes is often the object of displeasure.

Chain-smokers and heavy drinkers can never be likeable individuals, especially among women.

If the person has the tendency of switching jobs too often or remains unemployed for long, then the woman is upset.

Acting dumb evokes irritation. A man without the gift of the gag can leave a woman cold because, the conversational skills and intelligence of a person arouse most of the women.

So, have you got a clear idea about women’s aversions? Hope, now you will strive hard to make yourself ‘Mr. Perfect’ among the ladies…


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