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Reservists’ Leadership Skill Training Offers Solution to UK Businesses

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A lack of leadership skill training is widely accepted as a core weakness in general British management, and an area that needs to be urgently addressed.This claim is supported by research conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, which concluded that as many as “two thirds of UK organisations are suffering from a shortage of highly effective leaders”. The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) shares this viewpoint, stating that “Good leaders, supervisors and managers are essential if UK business performance is to improve.”Furthermore, in October 2005, a team of leading business academics identified poor leadership training as one of the top five key weaknesses in business management. The report found a strong correlation between these deficiencies and the capabilities developed by Reservists, whose broad training encompasses transferable skills such as leadership, self-confidence and initiative.All Reservists receive training in leadership skillsAs an integral part of Reserve training, Reservists are required to lead teams both on exercise and during general training. Feedback is given on their capabilities from which they are able to develop their leadership skills further. This is of particular value to their civilian employment.The CBI believes that the training and experience gained by Reservists could help UK businesses to tackle the critical weaknesses in management and leadership. “With the Armed Forces’ long held reputation for high quality leadership, the CBI believes that those men and women serving as Reservists could develop the skills through their training to fill these roles and become our business leaders and managers of the future.”Forward-thinking companies recognise benefits of employing ReservistsUK business leaders need to look for alternative and more innovative approaches towards training in order to develop management and leadership skills throughout their organisations. Forward-thinking companies are already benefiting from employing Reservists and utilising their unique leadership skill training to enhance their organisation’s capability.To raise awareness of the advantages of employing members of the Reserve Forces, SaBRE is running a campaign whereby employers can publicly give their backing. Companies wishing to pledge their support for current or future Reservists in their employment are invited to sign the Statement of Employer Support which can be found through the SaBRE website.


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