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Ms South Carolina: How You Can Pick Up Attractive But Dumb Women

Scott Patterson asked:

Okay I have to say it…

There are some REALLY dumb girls out there. I know this sounds harsh, but the truth was revealed to me a few weeks ago.

In a recent Ms. Teen America competition, the contestant from South Carolina proved how stupid SOME women can be. After being asked a simple question, she managed to prove to the ENTIRE world how dumb some of the citizens of the U.S. can sound.

Anyway her sub standard response led to an interesting conversation with a female friend of mine. In this discussion my friend stated that the contestant doesn’t NEED to be smart since she’s really good looking. While I found my friends statement to be pretty shocking, it made me think…

Most guys are willing to put up with an unintelligent woman as long as she’s good looking. The problem is trying to ‘pick up’ a not-so-smart girl has a few inherent dangers. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could find yourself in a disastrous situation.

So in honor of Ms. South Carolina, I’m going to cover five tips to help you attract the next unintelligent woman you encounter:

#1- Understand the Pitfalls

We’ve all had those moments. You walk up to a woman and start talking. Then within 2 minutes you come to the sudden realization that you’re not talking to the sharpest tool in the shed.

Trust me, this can be quite shocking!

A lot of attraction routines are designed to engage a girl in a fun conversation. But when you’re dealing with a woman of lesser intelligence, a LOT of your techniques won’t be as effective.

What I recommend is fairly simple. Once you realize you’re in a conversation with this type of girl, you have to shift tactics. In other words, you have to be willing to try out different routines which will get her to talk and have fun.

#2- Treat her with respect

Probably from the beginning of this article you’ve thought I’m an arrogant jerk from what I’ve written. However before you run out and compose a hate letter to me, let me explain something.

Even if you’re dealing with the dumbest woman in the world, she still needs to be treated with respect. If you’re talking to an unintelligent girl, you have to remember that she’s still a person. Nobody deserves to mocked or ridiculed.

#3- Fit her style

From my own experience, the way to get along with somebody and build rapport is to talk about the things they like. When you’re in a conversation with an unintelligent woman, it’s better if you focus on the type of conversation SHE wants to discuss. If you bring up challenging topics, you’ll end up boring her.

In a social setting, the best conversations are lighthearted and fun. So don’t be boring. Instead show the energetic and interesting side of your personality. If you show her a good time, then she’ll be more receptive to your advances.

#4- Control the interaction

The best way to pick up an attractive, but dumb girl is to be in complete control of the interaction. I know this sounds brutal, but some woman have no attention spans. If she sees a ‘brighter, shinier’ guy, then you’ll be met with failure.

As a result, it’s absolutely vital that you control the conversation and lead it towards topics which demonstrate your high status.

What’s interesting is you should still do all the routines and techniques for building attraction. But when you’re talking to an unintelligent woman, it’s really important to increase the intensity of these routines.

#5- Build Attraction

There is one final thing you have to remember: Dumber girls still have a bit of social intelligence. In other words, they won’t be attracted to you unless you can prove your worthiness.

So if you want to successfully ‘pick up’ this woman, you have to understand how attraction works. Primarily, all women are attracted to guys who can demonstrate:

* Confidence

* Social value

* Initiative

* Excitement

* Energy

* Leadership

If you want an attractive woman to find you interesting you must learn how to display these qualities during every interaction. When you demonstrate these traits, you’ll show that you’re a high status guy.

Remember that unintelligent women still have the same desires and dreams as the rest of us. If you can show that you’re an interesting guy, without insulting her intelligence you’ll dramatically increase your chances of success!


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