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Making an Executive — The Principals of Executive Leadership Training

Art Gib asked:

There are an array of principals that corporate trainers are trying to help executives understand during their seminars, but they really want to get to the root of why the current state of affairs at the job are not turning results and how minds and culture can be aligned properly.

It’s a top down training principal where executive leadership coaching is at the crux of the training. Corporate trainers today, whose job it is to train today’s young businessmen and women to become tomorrow’s big time executives, commonly use methods that have been developed by others and released in print — notably the books “The Oz Principal” and “Journey to the Emerald City”.

The OZ Principal

The best seller book is put into motion as a training workshop. The steps in training are followed according to the book’s mantra: see it, own it, solve it, do it. This seminar details how to take on accountability issues and rethink what causes the mentality of blame in a corporation or business when there is a breakdown in tasks at hand.

The goal is to make the mentality of every worker in the business have the piece of mind to take on the task as their own — getting them to ask “what else can I do?” instead of blaming fellow employees or management for a job undone. The ownership mentality is prevalent throughout the training and also addresses executive leadership coaching aspects with their topic in particular called “Above the Line” Leadership.

The OZ concept comes from famous tale “The Wonderful Wizard of OZ” involving Dorothy and all of her friends who realize what they were missing was actually always within them and had the power to overcome from the start, hence the name OZ.

Cultural Transition Process

Changing the company’s culture is another program that is mainly focused on the executive level. The executive leadership training program has an initial assessment stage and a recommendations finding stage. The selected executives are interviewed first to get a snapshot image of the belief system and experiences of the organization. This is to identify cultural shifts that should be made to reverse any damaging current cultural beliefs.

After the assessment, the executives are given a debriefing and set up a planned two-day meeting where concepts such as The Results Pyramid and Focused Feedback are implemented.

Once the executive leadership coaching stage is complete; the company can then opt to have a facilitator trained to pass down the knowledge of the Cultural Transition Workshop. The facilitator learns through six scripted modules and will practice to later teach the one-day Journey to the Emerald City Cultural Transition Workshop on their own.

Many of these concepts are also contained in Roger Connors and Tom Smith’s book titled Journey to the Emerald City.

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