Women in Leadership

“leading From Within”

Matt Bacak asked:

Women are not like men. Being a woman is about receiving and drawing things to you. This goes against what you normally think about leadership. Leadership is usually viewed as pushing people and making them do the things you want them to do.

Women are different. Women are about pulling. Leadership is usually thought of as giving orders. Instead, you should figure out how to pull people in.

How can you accomplish leadership through pulling?

Leadership Tip #1: Be in control of your life. You can’t be a victim in your life. You can’t be indecisive. For example, let’s say you are diagnosed with cancer. You can either feel like a victim or take control. To be in control you could cut off your hair and donate it to a child in need.

Leadership Tip #2: Respect. Respect yourself and others. Saying meaningless things during a conversation are not respectful of all parties involved. For example, “I’m sorry” is a commonly used phrase. This phrase is often used inappropriately. This phrase means that you aren’t worthy of the person you say it to. It might be more appropriate to say “excuse me” or “you have my sympathy”. This allows people to respect you.

Leadership Tip #3: Take action. Don’t wish and sit around waiting for life to happen. Go out and take action. Complete the steps necessary to achieve the life you want. Set up your life so that it is possible for what you want to come to you. Be in a business that you love.

Don’t limit your business so that you aren’t successful. For example, you need to find ways to open the door to your business that brings in money as well as happiness. You need to make your business marketable.

Take what you love to do and examine the different aspects of it to make it marketable. For example, if you are an artist you need to find a way to create the art you want and also market it successfully.

Find what you love to do and find a way for other people to appreciate it.

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