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How to be an Alpha Male

Scott Patterson asked:

It is said by many dating gurus that being a cocky and funny male attracts women. These are known as alpha males. It is a known fact that both men and women are attracted to leadership. No one really likes a follower that can’t think for themselves. So how can being an alpha male benefit your dating life? Well, you will have to balance out your leadership. By being the strongly guided male with a strong set direction, you must also have a side to you that listens to the other person and connecting with them. Boasting about yourself and being comedic will only get you but so far. If you take time to listen to the girl, you will be able to figure out what she is about and how you can move on that.

The combo of being the cocky/funny guy who listens will earn you major points with the ladies. This shows them that you are confident, yet easy going. Power attracts women, it is a known fact. Another option you will need to make is whether you want to be the nice guy or the jerk. By being too much of one of the above combos can leave you on either side. By being cocky and somewhat mean, you will be portrayed as the jerk and if you are quieter and listen often, you will be known as the nice guy. There is a problem with both scenarios.

Being the nice guy can be a problem because while listening to the woman’s problems, you may get caught up in the woman’s emotions. When she is angry, you will be so as well and if she is sad, it will rub off on you. When she shows anxiety about becoming sexually involved with you, you will become anxious as well. This can make your romance with her a complete bust.

Now, by being the jerk, you will be the headstrong guy that steps all over any and everybody to get where you’re trying to go, no matter who you hurt in the process; even the woman you’re trying to court. For a jerk to win others have to lose and no one wants to be a part of that option.

It is important that you remain confident and strong about your decisions, but you must also take heart to what others are feeling and what they have to say. This will make you the ultimate guy to be around. You will be admired and desired by the lady you are dating or trying to date. By listening to the women you are trying to attract, you will earn points for being a nice guy and by staying strong and confident throughout the conversation will boost you up there with the jerk category, but they simply cancel each other out; making you the alpha male. Being a little of both is the way to go. You can be the joker and cocky guy, but you need to know when the joking stops and when the substance begins.

You should also be open-minded at trying new things. Guys that aren’t afraid of taking risks attract even the hottest of women. This also goes for taking risks with women. Put yourself out there and women will surely scoop you up.


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