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Dummies Guide to Picking Up Women

Alex Coulson asked:

Picking up women is too a generalized question for me to answer, I mean what would you consider a pick up is…

A phone number?

A date?

Getting her back to yours?

Heck. If you got her back to yours that would be in my books a decent and very successful pickup however to some guys there’s even more.

Is getting her in a relationship with you (assuming that’s what you want) a pickup?

We’re getting a little off topic here but I’m sure you see where I’m taking this.

Picking up women is different to a lot of people, how far you take it, how you interpret it etc. What are your goals? If you want a relationship then getting a girl into a relationship with you would be a successful pickup.

If you just want a girlfriend and you achieve this then this would be considered a successful pickup too.

Picking up women from the moment you introduce yourself is a lot easier than it’s ever been in society. A hundred years ago there were arranged marriages, (still happening in some 3rd world countries), or you couldn’t date a girl if she’s in a different social class, or if she was apart of a different religion.

We’re lucky you and I live in western cutlre where WE have so much opportunity and potential and most importantly CHOICE… something our ancestors never had.

How To Pick Up Women- Simple Steps To Follow:

-Pick up girls tip #1 Always lead interactions, women love leaders especially men who go and take what they want without asking, I’m not saying go out and loot shops, and steal old grannies purses I’m just pointing out that dominance, leadership and ambitiousness’s are attractive qualities women desire in men. You must ALWAYS be leading and in control. There’s is nothing more a turn off than when a women has to control a situation (if you wussie out)

– Pick up girls tip #2Be protective, when it comes to pick up your lucky lady nothing makes her feel your presence than a dominant man. Similar to those afternoon wildlife programs about the dominant male lion taking over other males prides and having intercourse with all the females. The females accept this as there fate and go with the flow watching the old male be beaten and ripped to pieces and accepting the victor into the pride. They allow this, as they know they can be protected with the stronger male by their side.

I’m not saying you should go around staring fights. This is what a lot of guys do (partly out of frustration), im pointing out that being dominant will help you greatly. There are plenty of ways (which I’ll point out later) how to be still friendly and still take charge or interactions when they need to be lead (without being to aggressive).

– Pick up girls tip # 3“Walk away anytime policy”

Having a mindset that you can walk away anytime from any interaction with women will instantly give you more power and leverage when you hold sets.

Imagine a salesman who approaches you at tells you he has a killer product to sell you… which will change your life, make $1,000,000 in 10 days guaranteed but he wont bother selling it to you as he’s more important things to do…

How would you react to this? Would you spring from where you were standing and stop him asking about this product? You probably would.


Most people would do this in fact (including me) however it wouldn’t be for the life changing aspect or the millions in my bank it’ll generate, sure that’ll be a bonus to the product…the main reason you would chase after the salesman for one thing only… curiosity…

This guys has immense value…his mindset is “I can walk away any moment from now” and this is powerful as it display non-neediness …

The product MUST be good …

When you have this mindset when talking to women you’ll get similar if not the same results. If you convey subtly that you’re in demand and if they bust your balls or screw up once then you’ll walk away then that’s powerful.

Talk soon!



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