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Dr Anita Davis-defoe to Speak at 2008 Caribbean Power Marketing Conference Slated for Jamaica

Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe asked:

Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe, a leadership and gender expert, social entreprenuer and author of A Woman’s Guide to Soulful Living: Seven Keys to Life and Work Success, and two new books to be released this year, Tropical Escapes and Follow Her Lead: Unleashing the Greatness Within; will make a presentation at the 2008 Caribbean Power Marketing Conference slated for Ocho Rios Jamaica, May 21st-24th.

The 2008 Caribbean Power Marketing Conference is the premier and largest gathering of senior marketing executives, industry professionals and leading academics in the region.

A multifaceted forum, the conference seeks to provide a premier and unique networking opportunity bringing together regional and international business professionals and academics from Marketing, Advertising, Communications, Public Relations and Sales Management.

With an overall objective of establishing an annual medium for exchanging ideas, thoughts, strategies and the techniques required to successfully operate within a dynamic global village, the conference promises to provide valuable insight and discussion opportunities for all participants.

The 2008 Caribbean Power Marketing Conference culminates with the inaugural “Grande” Caribbean Peer Awards Gala, recognizing and awarding professionals for outstanding achievements within the field of Marketing.

The goals of the conference are: to provide an annual forum that brings together marketing professionals from around the world for the exchange of ideas, thoughts, and strategies; to provide a platform to highlight the expertise within the Marketing communities; to establish benchmarks for excellence within our regional marketing community and to increase the level of local and regional competitiveness; to provide opportunities for networking and facilitating potential business creation and development, and to establish a professional marketing fraternity within our regional markets through The Caribbean Association of Marketing Professionals – CAMP.

Commenting, Dr. Davis-Defoe said, “My presentation focuses on marketing to women. Women mmake 80% of buying decisions.Adding initiatives that are tailored to a woman’s life stage, life style and information consumption patterns can help marketers and companies leverage new media vehicles, technology, experiential marketing and other engaging tools to harness the purchasing power of women.”

With over 20 years of experience motivating, coaching, inspiring and transforming youth, adults and organizations in the United States and the Caribbean, Dr. Anita Davis-Defoe has crafted and implemented myriad programs aimed at assisting people of all ages to discover their inner greatness and unique strengths. DeFoe is a quality and change management expert who assists organzations of all sizes to enhance their efficiency and overall effectiveness. Davis-DeFoe has authored over $10 million in grants and project funds.

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