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Jo Mark asked:

There is incredible demand for quality articles on the Internet. Webmasters are constantly searching for quality articles to add to their sites. And the search engines reward sites that are frequently updated with fresh unique content. For this reason, article writing is here to stay.


So how do you use this incredible demand for articles to your advantage? If you have reasonable writing skills, you can make money in this lucrative area. But you have to follow a few basic rules.


Always use a good spelling and grammar checker on your work. This may seem obvious, but it is surprising how many authors neglect this step. A good grammar checker can transform an error ridden article into a great one, even if English is not your native language. 


Simpler is better. Don’t try to impress readers with big words, flowery speech, and long drawn out sentences. Remember, very few of your readers will have a PHD. Stick to the basics you leaned in elementary school.


Organize your articles so the information is presented in a logical manner. If you lack the discipline to properly organize your article, readers will click away and never return. Always keep in mind that your readers are looking for information. Give it to them in an easy to read and logical format.


Targeted articles providing good detail on a single subject tend to do much better than general articles that just gloss over the surface of the topic. To be a successful article writer, you are much better off to specialize in a single subject and write about it in ever deepening detail. Using this technique, readers will return to your articles again and again.


So, if you are just starting your article writing career, stick to the basics outlined above and make some money! Learn how to make money with your articles.


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