Women Can Achieve Anything! Discover 7 Steps to Success

Caroline Jalango asked:

1. You must reach the point of no return.

You must be so sick and tired of a mediocre life that your only option is to create a better life today! Like an act of desperation, your desire to move toward your goal must be so compelling and urgent; you can’t help but take action. You must want to achieve your goal so badly that you are willing to invest your time, energy and resources into ensuring that you do.

2. Determine in your heart that you want to achieve your goal.

There must be no shadow of doubt about how important your goal is to you and how committed and determined you are to achieve it. This initial desire and commitment is what gives you the ammunition to get your goal off the ground. How determined and committed are you to your success?

3. Take an inventory of the things you can and want to do.

It’s important to understand what your natural strengths, gifts and skills are so that you can hone and apply them to make your life a success. What are your talents? What makes you unique? What is your passion? Where would you like to work and with whom? What contribution do you want to make? Identify what you can do and want to do and get ready to set your ball rolling.

4. Say goodbye to naysayer’s and dream killers.

It’s amazing how even one negative comment can crush your spirit and kill your dream! Don’t share your precious dreams and goals with negative people who don’t believe in you. Remove yourself from among them because they will discourage and keep you from living the life that you were meant to live

5. Say hello to uplifting people and dream builders.

Look for and associate with positive people who will build you up, bring out the best in you, support and help you nurture and turn your dreams into reality. Invest in a coach, mentor, professional association or service for resources, accountability, challenge, support, motivation and guidance.

6. Build your knowledge base.

Spend time, acquiring and increasing your knowledge in the area you want to pursue. Read everything you need to know about what you want to do. Find out how other people are achieving similar goals and how to distinguish yourself from them. Be really good at what you want to do. This will increase your confidence and boost your self esteem greatly.

7. Take action.

The only way to prove that you achieved your goal is by the actual tangible result. The evidence speaks for itself! It testifies that you achieved your goal. To start achieving your goal, take action today. What are you going to do today to launch that business, apply for that job, write that book, attend those classes, graduate from college, lose that weight or give that speech? Take action and make your dreams come true.


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