What Exactly are You Supposed to Write About?

Colleen Davis asked:

There are a lot of companies out there who understand how helpful newsletter printing can be, and want to open up this line of communication with their customers, they just don’t know what to write about.

Quite often when it comes to writing articles or giving speeches a lot of people aren’t quite sure what to do, and so freeze up at the very idea. There really isn’t a standard length for a newsletter, but for those releasing them monthly, having it be five to six pages isn’t rare, and that’s a lot of space to fill up.

So what exactly do you write about?

There are a wide variety of options open for you to consider.

The first is general information about any changes in your company. Have a section dedicated to talking about recent promotions and other positive aspects of your employees. Cover employees of the month and various accomplishments. If someone had a child or won an award led your customers know. Let them see the faces of those who are making your company work.

Another section can be on upcoming changes in your company. This might be new products or this might new sales events coming up. You might be restructuring a department or altering other aspects of your company.

Doing this allows you to accomplish two things. The first is something important to write about that your customers will care about, and the second is to give your customers a heads up. They won’t be surprised by new products, or if you plan on discontinuing a certain line of products. A well-informed customer is going to feel closer to a company.

Next, you can have a section dedicated to what your customers have to say. Ask people to write in and give you opinions. You can set this up by just offering your customer letters straight up, or you can also respond to questions in the newsletter as well. If someone asks about why your company has gone a certain direction take the time to explain it to them.

You can also cover general news in your industry, along with how your company is doing. Mention any good months for sales or where your company currently stands in the market. Make sure that your customers are aware of your successes and how well your company is doing.

This boosts confidence in your company and makes sure that people are always up to date on what your company is up to.

All of this is just a brief overview of the various topics you can use with your newsletter printing. Each industry will have different specific things that will work best for them. What you need to do is take a good look at your industry and your customers and decide what will appeal to them the most.

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