Wedding Speech Tips For Mother Of The Bride

James Nardel asked:

During the wedding reception, the mother of the bride gets the chance to offer a toast for her newlywed daughter. However, it could be a really difficult process because a mother usually gets a lot of mixed emotions during this event. This difficulty could be doubled if a mother will attend the event unprepared. Seeing a daughter getting married is an exciting and sad event for a parent and delivering an appropriate speech during this affair could be difficult. But all these difficulties could be somehow appeased if you would come prepared.

These are some of a few tips that a mother could use to be able to deliver a very much-appreciated speech during her daughter’s wedding.

First, you may thank the guests that attended the wedding. Remember that this event will not be successful without the guests you invited. Thank them for their efforts to make the wedding successful and memorable for your child. You may mention some names especially the primary sponsors but you need not mention the entire guest lists because it will take a lot of time and before you knew it, the wedding reception is over.

Second, give the newlyweds an advice that they could use as their foundation for marriage. You have experienced living in a married life and you know the ups and downs or marriage. Feel free to share some tips on what have you learned during your marriage.

Third, it is your chance to formally welcome the groom as part of your family. There are some parents who do not see the worth of a guy in their daughters not until they became married. This part could not be too elaborative as it may embarrass the guy especially if there has been some bad blood with the guy in the past. A simple “Welcome to the Family” would be enough to show that you have fully accepted him.

Fourth, avoid thinking sad thoughts during speech delivery. It is really difficult not to do so but if it would allow you more time to talk rather than cry, then it will be much better. A lot of moms commit this error of thinking that they will be losing their child during speeches that’s why it disables them to deliver a good speech. It even causes them to have breakdowns!

Lastly, since tears are not avoidable during this event, be sure you have a tissue or a handkerchief before starting with your speech. It is not a good sight to have somebody with smeared mascara.

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