To be Successful – Market Test your Products

Pedro Martinez asked:

Nowadays making money online has become easier with the use of affiliate programs. Some of these affiliate programs are better than others. The main site or product owners looking for affiliates offer some hefty commissions; some offer between 30% to 90% commissions. All you have to do is register with them and place your affiliate link on your website or in your newsletter.

Hopefully those visitors that come to your site or receive your newsletter will click on your link. Once they do that all they need to do is make a purchase. Once that is done then you will receive your affiliate payment.

Simple enough to do when you think about it but with the internet clogged up with so many affiliate sales pages sometimes it takes more then just posting a link and letting the emails fly to your members.

So how can you increase your affiliate commission checks? Simple, just change the way you do your marketing. You have to remember that you are not the only one offering the same product or service. So you need to set yourself apart from the rest of the affiliates.

Instead of just plastering the same product out there and giving the same speech about how product “X” will make your life easier, take the time to actually show your customers that it will do as you say. Look, if you are in this Internet business just to make a fast buck we have news for you.

You’ll make it fast but it won’t last. Taking the time to use that product you are offering up as the answer to your members needs, will go a long way in building trust from those on your list.

By taking the time to use that new product not only shows you the inner workings of it but also lets you know if you are just offering the same old regurgitated item that everyone else is selling. Sales pages and package images change every day in this business.

Did you ever wonder why? It could be because there really is nothing new out there!

However, if you think you have a gem then test, test and test some more. Write a sales page or newsletter showing the benefits of using this new product. Be willing to answer questions from those that purchase from you. This builds trust and credibility not to mention an increase in sales.

If you don’t think testing a product and becoming familiar with it won’t matter, then just take a moment and remember what it was like when you purchased something. Did it work like you were told? If not was the reseller willing to help you with it or just give you a refund?

So test that new product, become its master and show your customers its worth and they won’t just purchase from you, they’ll turn into the best marketing tool you’ll ever have.

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