Three Top Tips for Using Web2.0 to Market Your Business

Krissy Jackson – Career Coach asked:

I am a natural connector. In Victorian times I would probably have been a matchmaker. I prefer however to keep my matchmaking within the realms of business.

Today I am going to introduce you to three ways you can market your business using Web2.0 to achieve the most profitable return on your time and effort. You may not be familiar with some of these services but if you Google the names you will be taken directly to their websites.

No 1: You-tube videos are a must have!

People are not content to read your website anymore. They want to see you and hear what you have to say. The great thing about these videos is that not only are you putting them out into the world to do their viral best; but you can distribute them on your websites and blogs, use them in your networking postings to strengthen an argument and add them to social networking sites. This is repurposing at its very best!

Note: A bad video is more damaging to your business than having none at all. You-tube is like standing in front of a huge audience. When you record your video make an effort with your appearance and the location. Be very aware of what is behind you. Most importantly don’t stand in front of the camera and just talk; write a speech and learn it by heart.

No. 2: Write press releases and submit them to PRWeb every quarter.

But don’t stop there. Send your information and the live link to your Press Release URL to your client list, family and friends and post on any online networks you belong to. You are not finished yet; use the PRWeb system (Shareit) to link your release to ALL of these bookmarking and social media sites. BlogThis , Delicious, Furl, Technorati , Y!MyWeb, Netscape, Live Bookmarks, Newsvine, TailRank, Reddit, Slashdot, Digg, StumbleUpon and Google bookmarks. Now you really are all over the web!

No 3: Start you own niche community on Ning.

This is also a must have. See “Global Success” the open community I started in August 2007 for ideas.

Invite your ideal target group and then invite them to invite people they think would be interested. With this simple step you are already building a network of perspective cliental, but there is more. The real beauty of this is that your network will work for you and each member will also benefit.

Not only do you all have the opportunity to post photos and videos, link to all kinds of web2.0 networks, but each member has their own blog and this is key. All of the blog posts from the individual member pages show up on your community homepage blog; which if you can get everyone posting on their pages, will give you great attention from the search engines in your niche with very little work on your part.

Concentrate on doing these three things and doing them well, and you are sure to see your business flourish.

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