The Art of Public Speaking: the Winning Path to a Successful Presentation


The first thing that run through your mind right after you assigned to give a presentation is: “how can I structure my presentation in an appealing manner so that it looks efficient?” the second question that follows soon after is: “how can I convey my presentation’s purpose in a way that appeals my audience?”.


So, the first thing to consider even before you jot down any word is to pursue the following three-steps-approach to guarantee a great presentation in all its aspects.the followings are the same course of action that professionals use in every piece of their prizewinning presentations.



1) Plan



Many public speakers exaggerate in focusing in the content of the presentation while ignoring the audience which is a part and parcel of the whole, giving the addressees their natural part of focus is the one factor that either fail you or make from you a successful presenter. You wonder “how can I achieve that? ». An accurate response would be to answer the next basic questions:


-who is going to be in the audience?

-Their background,age,sex?

-How can I sell them into my arguments?

-What is this presentation intended to do?

-What do they want to hear about ?

-What specific topic do they want to focus on more? ……etc


So, by finding the precise responses to them,you will be able to understand more and more the people whom you are talking to and consequently get them agree upon whatever you said.Another thing to pay a close attention to is : “does the occasion have any special prerequisites that may be peripheral to the presentation?”.You should plan the presentation so as everything fits according to the desired presentation’s outcome.




Inappropriate cloths,poor grammar,out-dated stories and dirty jokes may be an easy-to-bear flaws by the audience however,the only thing that could not be overlooked by the listeners is a terribly organized presentation.Bad organization is one of the rare flaws that the viewers cannot put up with as the efficacy of the massages will be damaged tremendously.conversely,the effectiveness of the message can be considerably increased by clear and plausible organization .Organization is such a powerful tool that keeps the audience’s attention focused on what you have to’s a quick tips on how to keep the speech organized.


-start with an outline

-give a quick hint on the structure your presentation will follow

-open with your body with an attention catcher.

-Lay out your major point to be crystal clear,to the point,cohesive,and convincing.

-Be as simple as you possibly can as simplicity is what everybody tends to.

-Watch out time,otherwise you’ll end up with a sleepy audience.and

-Always remember less is more.capture the gist of the presentation in one short statement.


3) Deliver



After planning and organizing,we have reached the delivery stage which all what you’ve done built upon.all what you’ve prepared up to this point is worthless if you don’t manifest it at the stage.As we said,your foremost concern is your audience,so how could you come to impact them to the point that they give literally their full attention?.Studies have shown that the opening and the ending are the most impressive parts of the presentation,therefore, the key here is to focus on them,right?


The first impressions given to the audience about you could lead to an entirely different outcome if no first impression has what you need to do here is to identify the charisma and credibility in the people you meet or see in the television,observe the way they stand,sit,talk,react and gesture,these are what make whatever they utter impressive regardless of how important it is.Take a pen and a paper and write down what do they have in’s what you may find out :



-they stand tall with a straight back,keeping their shoulders relaxed.

-Holding eye contact with the audience reinforces their messages.

-walking while they are talking,this adds a sort of dynamism to their presentations.

-They keep the speed of presentation at a controllable level.

-they take as much as space as they possibly can,making their movement wide,upward and outward…etc.


All in all,you need to keep yourself vivacious,enthusiastic and passionate through the presentation.Don’t be hasty  to start or to finish as these parts are the most memorable parts of all the presentation.If everything is done as it should be ,Congratulations enjoy your applause.

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