Replicate a Winner's Mental Blueprint and Replicate Their Success

Adam Khoo asked:

If we can replicate the way a winner runs his brain, then we can replicate the way they think and behave, and hence the results they produce. If others can walk on stage and deliver a speech with confidence, so can you.

If others are able to constantly direct their emotions to feel motivated and confident, so can you! If others display highly creative skills, you can do so too. Remember, they are able to do so because they are running effective mental programs. With the same neurology, you just have to unlock their secrets and run your brain in exactly the same way.

Think about this for a while.

Are you afraid of public speaking? Some people get terrified just by looking at a large audience in front of them. Their hands turn cold, their legs shake uncontrollably, their face turns white and they start to stutter when they open their mouths. This is called a phobia and all of us have phobias for one thing or another. Yet at the same time, why is it that another person, seeing exactly the same audience can feel comfortable, relaxed, confident, even eager to speak.

Such seemingly natural orators speak to an entire auditorium as easily as if there was only one person in front of them. They may even be able to entertain the audience, make people loosen up and laugh, and they feel great about being up there too.

Again, what is it that makes the confident speaker different from the fearful one? They have the same mental resources available to them.

The difference lies in how they represent the experience of the audience and the stage in their brains. You see, the thought and behavioral patterns they run through their neuro-connections are completely different. The first person’s brain is wired up in such a way that seeing the audience immediately triggers off a ‘fear’ program that shuts their entire body down. This is expressed physically in sweaty palms and brow, butterflies in the stomach.

Quite the opposite occurs when the confident speaker sees the audience. His neural connections fires off a ‘relaxed and confidence’ pattern that allows him to perform at his best!

Unfortunately, most people have never learned how to direct and re-program the limiting patterns they run. They are not in charge of their brains. Instead, their brains take charge of them. They let their brains go on ‘auto pilot’, running mediocre programs that keep limiting their performance. As a result, they will always feel that there are things they can never do, simply because they believe that it is not within their control. Or ability.

You too can do what you thought was impossible before, like exercising consistently until you get to your ideal weight. Or give a powerful speech and inspire a two-thousand strong audience.

Once you learn how to change a program in your brain, in fact any program, it will ultimately change how your body reacts. And you can accomplish anything you set your mind (or brain) to.

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