Presentation Made Easy With Mindmapping

Avezah asked:

Presentations have become the order of the day. Not just in business but also in other forums, Presentations are used to convey vital information and for gauging the feedback.

The foremost rules for good Presentation are preparation and practice. You will first have to define the purpose of your Presentation and be clear about the objective of your exercise at every point of your Presentation. You have to decide on the main message that you wish to convey and the most effective way to reach them to the audience. The available settings and facilities and the duration set for your Presentation are other factors that play a definite role in ensuring a scintillating Presentation.

The most important aspect is maintaining eye contact throughout your Presentation, for only then you will be able to strike a chord with the audience and keep them glued to what you say. A positive and warm approach, simple, concise and informative content and generous dose of relevant humor and searching questions help in sustaining audience interest in your Presentation.

The most important point to know is that you should seize your audience’s attention in the crucial first 7 minutes, as this is the maximum span of attention before their attention begins to sap. The most important message and objective of the Presentation must be conveyed within those first few moments so the audience knows what is in store for them.

Obviously preparation is the single most vital factor for ensuring successful Presentation. This is where Mind Mapping can serve as a useful Tool. You can use Mindmaps to write the purpose, content, speech and in fact the entire plan of action for the Presentation in a single Mind Map. You can sequence every step of your Presentation using Mind Map. .

Beginning with writing the speech content, text for the visual display, time frame set for each aspect, answers for probable questions, anecdotes, humor and so on, can be in entire sequence of your Presentation, step by step, in just one page. This reflects the simplicity and power of the Mind Maps. It is only by actually applying Mindmaps that you can gauge its true value.

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