Powerpoint Presentation Success Tips – Critical Things That You Never Aware

Sayid Aksa asked:

Advanced in information technology has changes many aspects, life has just become easier, the improvement in technology also provides benefit in business aspect, traditional sales method which use notes or books with handwriting to present their product, now changes to digital stuff.

Powerpoint presentations, many peoples especially who involved in sales activity are very familiar with this words. Life is just easier, for business man, sales is just easier because they do not need to write the description of their product manually and explain it to their client using a lot of tools, now they have powerpoint to handle it. So, what they have to do is how they bring the presentation content into visual powerpoint graphic slides to get the most effective presentation performances.

Unfortunately, not all of them aware the secrets of effective powerpoint presentations, they do pay less attention about how they bring the products into visual powerpoint slides. As we know, powerpoint slides is a tool to support oral or speech explanation, so the audience can get better understanding and comfort when viewing the presenter.

There are three things that play important roles to increase your powerpoint presentations effectivity :

1. Use clear and convenient combination of color

Font color, slides background color, and presentation content color must have a clear appearance and make sure that audiences can see the slides easily. Contrast different of color among font, slide background and presentation color will disturb audiences eyes, and the impact is, your powerpoint presentation messages will stuck on you.

2. Use as few as you can

More colors is better ? you are definitely wrong, if you are using more than three different colors on your powerpoint presentation, audiences will loss their focus on your presentation material. Use few colors and assure that your presentation content is clearly readable

3. Images can talks thousands words

Sometimes we found its hard to remember or repeat presentation material text, you can help your memory and increase audiences attention by putting some images which relevant to your presentation content. Besides, it can help you to deliver your presentation messages, images also give a better explanation and more interesting stuff for audiences rather than pure text only.

These three things play important role for your powerpoint presentations performances, unfortunately many peoples does not aware about that, many peoples only focus about their presentation material instead of how they bring the material into good and effective visual powerpoint slides, if you follow all of this steps properly, your powerpoint presentations will be more effective, the audiences can get your presentation messages completely.

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