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Black Sleuth asked:

There are a plethora of books on the market advising how to assembly a power wardrobe to convey the image of success, stability, conservatism and reliability in the business world. The mantra for men is to invest in a black, navy blue suit, white shirt, conservative tie, black laced up shoes, minimal jewelry and be cleaned shaven. This applies to women also in a modified presentation, black, navy blue suit, conservative blouse, natural color stockings, conservative hair style, minimal jewelry and minimal elevated heels on black shoes. However, for the successful or aspiring private investigator entrepreneur this will not assist you to stand out from the crowd of other practitioners. Private Investigators historically have always been independent, confidence, self reliant and unconventional individuals equipped with a unique ability to combine creativity and logic to orchestrate their craft and deliver results for their clients. Their ingenuity is legendary as the protagonist and the stuff that film noir are made.

Unquestionably, the professionalism exuded by exemplary handling of your clients cases, stature in the investigative, local, regional and national community are essential components to transcend the normal standards to be exceptional. However, a business owner is an intricate component of his enterprise which determines the personality, identity and position of his investigative firm on the business landscape. It is commonly known that many fledging enterprises under the auspice of its founder do not flourish after their tenor and occasionally it can be attributed to the entrepreneurial attributes possessed inclusive of charisma. Intangible personality components manifested through ones mode of dress, speech, body language, confidence, vision, business ethics; essentially ones thoughts about himself and his business enterprise. It is extremely necessary to administer and integrate your personality, distinctive style and individuality in your business attire while operating within the investigative business paradigm. This does not require complete deviation of conventional business dress, but accentuating stylistic preferences, accessories, clothing combinations, etc. If a more individualistic presentation is desired the investigative practitioner can integrate multi cultural and decadent pieces of body adornment to work within the paradigm but manifest a strong personal statement of individuality.

The true entrepreneur is an individualist, deciding to abandon the convention of a stable job, company benefits and attractive perks to pursue his dream. The dream only he sees vividly and unobtrusively in the realm of his mind, it is more real to him than what is called reality for it transcends it and has the power to subdue it. He has no desire to establish an enterprise which will be controlled by stockholders and a board of directors, venture capitalists and their equity shares or partners and their ownership interest. In the quest to establish his business he might utilizing these relationships to advance his venture, however they represent means to an end and will be conscientiously eliminated as soon as possible to keep the entrepreneur free. Money is never the ultimate end, but seen as a tool, spiritual in nature which allows him to express his ideal on all levels of his being manifesting his ultimate freedom. He is free to build a business as individual as himself, free to define his niche, his market, his product, his service and his life. In pursuing his quest if he makes a lot of money, great, it’s a buy product of living your truth and following the light within. But, ultimately money is not the primary objective any way for true entrepreneurs, it is freedom and self expression.


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