Persuasive Speech Ideas – How to Make Your Persuasive Speech a Resounding Success

Michael Lee asked:

Speaking in front of a live audience can be quite terrifying, even more so when you’re trying to convince them of something. In situations like this, it’s important to prepare yourself with persuasive speech ideas which will increase the chances of swaying people over to your side.

Arming yourself with these persuasive speech ideas will not only help you develop better rapport with people, it will also give you the confidence to perform well.

Know what you want.

It’s highly important for you to know what your desired outcome is. You can’t afford to lose your way in the middle of your speech. After all, you’re the one who’s supposed to be doing the persuading around here and not the other way around. Being clear with your goal gives you better direction and allows you to pursue it more assertively.

State facts and figures.

Go figure. Facts and figures always add more weight to your speech. It’s as if people are conditioned to think that numbers and facts are the truth. In most cases, they are. At the very least, they are accurate. This is probably one of the most basic persuasive speech ideas in the world. Use it to your advantage and don’t be afraid to do a lot of research. It pays off in the end.

Double check for loopholes.

It’s critical for you to check every angle and every possible loophole in your speech. If there is, fix it. If you find nothing, get somebody else to listen to your speech just to be certain. You always have to stay two steps ahead of your audience and anticipate anything they might throw back at you.

Find reliable sources.

Trust me. You do not want to tell your audience that you learned economics from Bozo the Clown. When preparing for your speech, make sure that you only used sources that are reliable or at least certified. This is one of the most critical persuasive speech ideas that might save you more time and effort in the long run. You do not want an outbreak of dubious expressions among your audience, do you?

These persuasive speech ideas are simple but effective. Once you’ve mastered them all, you probably don’t even have to wait until the end of you speech before they’re all convinced!

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