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A mother of the groom wedding speech should present the mother’s thoughts or feelings towards the marriage of the couple. The mother of the groom wedding speech should also depict the mood of the ceremony. The mother of the groom wedding speech should not be inclusive of bad memories or embarrassing moments. The groom’s mother should express gratitude to the Master of Ceremonies as the first part of the wedding ceremony speech. She should thank all the people who made contributions towards the success of the wedding in the wedding ceremony speech. However, she should only do this if no other speakers have thanked them before her. In a case where the other speakers thanked the contributors, the mother may give a short wedding speech on them.

After one delivers the vote of thanks, a person should mention a few nice things about the son. If there are any nice funny stories to tell, the mother should narrate them in order to portray the son’s humorous character. Such stories will not only humor the guests but will show them the groom’s side that most of them did not know about. A mother of the groom wedding speech should be inclusive of such stories because they assist in keeping the guests happy and attentive.

After the humorous stories, she should welcome the family of the bride into their family, which is part of the mother of the groom wedding speech. This part of the speech is very important because it depicts the ties between the two families. A person may mention the effect that the bride imposed on one’s son since the time they met. This should be in line with the welcoming of the brides family. Short wedding speeches are good for keeping the guests attentive because they are not boring. The mother of the groom wedding speech may include the wishes of a mother to them.

The conduction of a mother of the groom wedding speech may be after the wedding vows. A person should include humor and funny stories concerning the groom in wedding ceremonies speeches. A mother of the groom speech should show how much the mother understands the son and it should be heartfelt from a mother’s view. A mother may use love quotes in the speech to remind the married couple that they should work towards maintaining their relationship. Below is a good wedding speech example, which the mother of the groom wedding speech should be like.

“I would like to begin by thanking the master of ceremony for inviting me to deliver my speech as the mother of the groom. It is wonderful to have you all gathered here as friends and family in honor of both the bride and groom. I know most of you have come from distant area to join us in celebrating our children’s wedding… I would like to express our appreciation. There are many good memories that came to mind when I thought about what I would say today. I could no longer control my emotions as I sat down to prepare this speech… not because my husband and I would have the house to ourselves but because we will miss our son’s company. To the bride, we wish you happiness and long lives together.”

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