How to Write a Book In 100 Days or Less

Earma Brown asked:

What if you discovered there was one little word that stood between your book dream being realized in the next 100 days or not? Would you want to know that one word? Yes, great!

Before I tell you, think about this. There are thousands of people that die each year with their book dream never realized. You may wonder, what’s the difference between the ones that die with a book inside them and the ones that put pen to paper to write a book?

Some say book authors have more smarts and more time. Perhaps they have a bigger brain or were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. None of the above is true. In fact, there’s very little difference between the two groups. That little difference can be boiled down to one word, ACTION.

Both groups receive great ideas and inspired messages. One group receives the idea but never ACTS on it. They never develop it and it eventually fades away. The group that fulfills their dream of becoming an author receives the idea, ACTS on it, develops it and completes it.

Won’t you join the group that acts on their ideas? Here are 7 tips that will help you write a book in the next 100 days or less:

1. Move your book dream up to the top 3 priorities. No, you don’t have to sell your soul anymore to write a saleable book. Use the cumulative effect of doing a little bit at a time. Even so, unless you want it to take years to write, you must schedule writing time each week. For example, you could write 2 pages a day and have a short book in weeks.

Develop a regular writing schedule. Think about your priorities right now. Can you fit 7-10 hours a week in? If you have to let something go that is not high on your priority list, do it. Now is your time. Next year is not better. Set yourself up for a successfully written book in the next 100 days by making your book goal a top priority.

2. Stump out the fear of failure. Many writers tremble in their tracks with fear that their book won’t sell. Don’t be afraid. Your book will sell if its presents useful information, answers important readers questions, and impacts people for the good. If it presents entertaining or humorous information it could go farther than you imagined.

If it creates a deeper understanding of humanity, animals of this world its worth reading. With one to three of these elements your book is worth writing. More than three, it has potential of making great sales even to best seller status. Go ahead, write your book and make the world a better place.

3. Avoid re-inventing the wheel. Use the information you already have. Your audience is looking for solutions to their problems. They are looking to you for encouragement to overcome their challenges. Mine your background, your files, and your speeches for the gold called your knowledge. Use speedy book writing techniques and finish your book faster to sell sooner. Stay with what you know.

You’re the expert. To have the best chance to get your book done in the next 100 days, use what you have already written. Use your speeches, your seminars, your notes and experiences. Fill your book with your stories, case studies and examples.

4. Choose your target audience. Then write your book for them. When you give your book a target, it will resonate with your audience. To be honest, your book will not interest everyone. When you target one audience at a time, each tip, each story or how-to will be more effective. Aim your message and you will have a competitive edge on most book writers.

For many just shoot their message out into the dark and hope it connects with someone. When targeting your potential readers, create an audience profile. Are your potential readers male or female? How old are they? Are they interested in self-help, mystery, romance, how-to books? What problems do they face? Are they business people or professionals? Are they techies or non-techies? Are they willing to spend $15-30 on your book?

5. Make an educated choice about your publishing options before you write your book. Will you self-publish or shop for a traditional publish? There are serious pros and cons for either method. Find out the differences so you can make an educated choice that suits you. If you are self-publishing, consider the POD technology for your book. There are lots of good choices that will publish your book for you at an affordable price.

If you are opting for a traditional publisher, get an agent and a contract before writing the book. Then shop agents and publishers with 2 chapters and a knock-out book proposal. Invest in one of the current market guides and research the best fit for your work. It raises your chances considerably if you know what kind of manuscripts a particular company is looking for.

Don’t let one word keep you from realizing your book dream in less than 100 days. Act now; you can do it. Remember to put your book writing in the top 3 priorities of your life, stump out fear of failure, avoid re-inventing the wheel, choose your target audience and make an educated choice about your publishing options. Using the above simple tips you can easily write and complete your book in a 100 days or less. Act now and use your ideas before they fade. Here’s to your best success as Author.

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