How To Give A Memorable Maid Of Honor Speech And Toast

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For some, sitting down and composing a quick, perfectly said speech is second nature. And what about those that don’t even compose ahead of time but rather stand up and give an academy award winning performance impromptu? If you are either of these then I commend you and wish I had your skill. If you are not one of the few, then thankfully you can benefit from my research and experience. If you don’t have the time to write your own speech but have some extra cash, believe it or not there are actually professional wedding speech writers or CDs you can actually purchase! Though not typically as personal as writing your own from the heart, it works in a pinch.

When giving a toast and speech at a wedding you should remember the context of the audience and your main focus — the bride and her new groom. Unfortunately, I have been to way too many weddings where the maid of honor just went off on her own tangent as though the wedding were her platform for getting “noticed”. Also, please remember to limit your intake of alcoholic beverages prior to your toast. Again, I’m sure everyone has their own story of the “way too drunk to stand much less toast” person at a wedding.

The most powerful and memorable speeches I have heard carried the audience through an array of emotions. They often start out with an icebreaker that is humorous, bring you to happy tears with sincerity, then end with overwhelming stories of love and friendship. They are feel good speeches that really build up the bride. Remember this is her wedding and she choose you to be her maid of honor because she cares about you and trusts you to exemplify her in a good light on her big day. The following are some tips for creating memorable maid of honor toast and speeches.

• Be informative and concise

• Always portray the bride in a positive manner

• Avoid stories that might excessively embarrass the bride, groom, or their family

•Avoid excessive alcohol prior to your toast

• Share stories that portray your close relationship with the bride. offers the following ideas:

o Share stories of what the bride used to share with you about the groom when she first met him.

o Tell a funny story from while you were growing up

o Talk about how you and the bride met and how long you both have known each other

o Tell the most “appropriately” embarrassing

moment you shared with the bride

o Comment on how beautiful the bride and groom look together

o Talk about a funny habit of the bride that the groom will have to live with

o Impart a spiritual statement or verse (if the bride and groom are spiritual people)

o Give words of advice to both the bride and groom

o Share wishes you have for the newlyweds (e.g., success, happiness, many babies)

• Ask for input from others prior to the wedding

• Practice and rehearse the speech before the big day. It is often helpful to share you speech with others and get their advice.

By putting together the perfect mix of wit, charm, and humor you are sure to create a memorable speech for the bride to remember. Write from the heart and remember you are fully capable of writing a speech that perfectly encompasses your duty as the maid of honor.

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