How Can you Develop and Maintain a Success Mindset?

Mohamed Tohami asked:

As you read this article you will discover a simple, yet profound, question that will help you instantly develop and maintain a success mindset.

This question will point your attitude and your actions in the most effective direction so that you will be able to accelerate your success and reach your goals faster than you ever imagined before.

One day I was watching a video by Jim Cathcart, a professional speaker and business author. He was sharing some secrets and principles to help sales people maintain the right attitude.

During his speech, Jim shared a very powerful question that created a true mind shift for me.

This question is…

“How would the person you want to be do the things you are about to do?”

Amazing, right?

That question puts you in a position in the future where you are the ideal person you would like to be, and helps you act from that perspective in your present life.

That simple question activates the power of the “Act as if” principle.

You act as if you have already reached your goals and have become the person you always wanted to be. “Acting as if” will focus your mind and shape your thoughts around your ultimate dream.

Acting as if you’ve reached your goals will also shape your character in the best and fastest way possible. You will immediately start “modeling” your ideal self, which will help you develop a success mindset and maintain that mindset – and a positive attitude – every moment of your life.

If you are not already acting as if you have succeeded, and using the qualities that are required to reach your goal, you will hinder your chances to succeed.

Thinking about how the person you would like to be would act in a certain situation helps you take the most powerful actions that will get you to where you want to be in less time.

From now on, before taking any action, ask yourself this question…

*** How would the person I want to be do the things I am about to do?

Unleash the power of the “Act as if” principle. Act as if you’ve reached your goals and you will get there faster than you ever thought possible.

You’re only living in this moment – why not act as if you’ve already realized your dreams?

Live your purpose right NOW, in this moment.

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