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Genevieve Grant asked:

Parents in the Washington, DC metropolitan area are fortunate because they have someone who can help them provide their children with some valuable skills that will serve them well in life. That person is Scarlet Maith, and the service she provides centers around confidence building.

Using the slogan “Shaping your world one word at a time,” Scarlet Maith trains young adults between the ages of 12 and 17 in the art of public speaking. According to Mrs. Maith, the mother of two sons, “Public speaking skills are very important, yet often overlooked. Instruction in public speaking is a value-added component that better prepares students for success in school and later in the workplace. Instruction in public speaking also provides students with the confidence they need to reach their academic potential and resist peer pressures that can lead to under achievement and bad decision-making.”

Mrs. Maith has the gift of enabling young people to quickly find their comfort zone, relax, and demonstrate an eagerness to participate and learn. As a result, the responses of her students have been sterling. The testimonials are crystal clear; her students have overcome shyness, elevated their self-esteem, boosted their confidence and improved their oral and writing skills.

A mother named Beverly from Clinton, MD attended her child’s final session and called it a “wonderful” experience for her daughter. LaWona, a parent in Alexandria, VA wrote that her child “has matured a lot and has a lot to share with others. Her closing speech was outstanding and I am so proud of her. Thank You!!” And Pastor Bernard A. Howard wrote “I tip my hat to Mrs. Maith who possesses a God given ability to challenge young people to overcome phobias that have paralyzed them. She inspired, guided and encouraged them to heights they didn’t think attainable… I can’t wait to have her come to the church to do a series for the entire congregation.”

The name of Mrs. Maith’s business is WordPower. It is a one woman business, but she contracts with schools, churches, educational organizations, associations and other groups. She also contracts with individual parents, but the cost of individual classes can be challenging financially and less rewarding for the student because many of the benefits of cnfidence building come from group interaction.

Young adults frequently suffer from lack of confidence, shyness, low self-esteem and other obstacles they do not know how to overcome. Very often they compensate in non-productive ways by withdrawing, rebelling or associating with troubled peers. WordPower is dedicated to the belief that young adults can avoid underachieving and undesirable relationships if they learn and practice public speaking skills and techniques. Through WordPower, Scarlet Maith convinces students that their voice is their instrument of power and making eye contact with others is a way of declaring your confidence, importance and equality.

Scarlet Maith has made it her business to help young people escape low self esteem and undesirable relationships. To learn more about her, google “Scarlet Maith” and visit her web site.


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