Give The Best Man Speech Your Friend Deserves

D Fraser asked:

Being asked to be your friends best man is a pretty big job. I mean sure you get to plan the bachelor party, stand with him as he says his vows, and walk down the isle with a bridesmaid, it’s really after the wedding that the pressure starts to build. During the reception when you give your best man’s speech is your chance to shine, touch your best friends heart and be remembered from the wedding for all the right reasons.

There are some things you can focus on to help your best man speech be a success.

Plan your speech in advance, don’t think you can just stand up at the front of the reception and have the words ready to roll off your tongue. Trust me, I’m one of those people that is never short for something to say but when I found myself standing in front of all those people I didn’t have the touching heart felt speech ready to roll that I thought I would. Lesson learned I guess, so take the time to review some sample speeches before the big day and at a minimum write out some points you want to touch on.

Practice, Practice, Practice. I know normally you practice for a sport or musical instrument but practicing your speech in front of a mirror so you know when to show more emotion is important. No one enjoys a speech that is read off of a piece of paper, practicing will give you the edge you need to be able to give a flawless speech.

Now this might go without saying but weddings tend to have a variety of family, friends, and children there so take care when planning jokes to use in your speech, and particular one liners. Anything offensive can really ruin everything else wonderful you’ll say about your best friends most important day.

So remember, plan, practice, and execute. Might sound like a business plan but it will yield the best result for your best man speech. Taking the time to write out what you want to say ahead of time, make it feel natural by practicing and saying it with confidence will have you remembered for the right reasons after the wedding.

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