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Kadence Buchanan asked:

You have always imagined how this meeting would be. From the moment you exited your college doors to the moment you applied for this amazing opportunity at the company of your dreams, you have been fantasizing how your conversational skills would lead you closer to a job proposal that will excite you. But, have you ever considered that apart from building your professional experience and advancing your academic background, the condition of your wardrobe can be a crucial factor for your prospective employer to base his/her decision on? All around the globe, HR professionals agree that candidates who select to wear clean and matching clothes actually increase their chances of being offered the position they are after.

It is common in today’s professional environment for people to wear their “business” outfit during office hours and their casual clothes during leisure time. Whether you have realized it or not, you are probably a member of this fast-pace attire couture, as you open your closet in the morning to wear one of your business suits leaving your jeans hanging for the more “relaxed” atmosphere of the weekend or a barbeque party. But even if your office dress code does not explicitly direct you to wear formal business garments, when you are about to be interviewed for a new job it is important you will select to wear your professional-looking clothes.

As a matter of fact, my personal experience has led me to conclude that the outfit I will select to wear before having to give a small speech about my abilities and skills can direct the attention of my future employer to what I am saying instead to how I look. Contemporary business culture demands from the person that wishes to enter a business environment, of any kind, to look sharp and professional. Thus, it is crucial for candidates to choose carefully their apparel so as to reflect the generally accepted working dress-code, apart from their personal taste. Regardless if the position is that of a senior or a junior executive, HR agencies inform the individuals they manage to pay attention to their appearance as much as they should practice what they are going to elaborate on when explaining their professional experience and skills. There is not one recruiter out there that would overlook the way interested professionals look when they are invited for the first round of interviews. As the old saying goes, “An image says 1,000 words.”

But, while one should be conscious of the impact a carefully chosen wardrobe has to the overall image he or she is about to give, going over the business dress-code line is not advisable by anyone. For instance, women that wear heavy makeup or men that select to wear an extremely expensive suit might give to the interviewer the wrong impression regarding their professional status and overall character. In fact, one might loose a perfectly good opportunity to get the position he or she is about to be interviewed due to a poor or over-the-top appearance. Dressing casually or over-dressing will never lead you to the desired result. Thus, before meeting with your potential employer, it is imperative to consult with friends, who have working experience in the business field you wish to enter, so as to learn as much as possible in relation to the working outfit recruiters and business executives consider as acceptable. Consequently, it is important for you to plan ahead and invest in purchasing the “right” type of clothes. Being proactive today will give you tomorrow the opportunity to buy that piece of clothing that your future boss would characterize as “extreme,” but your partner or friends would adore.

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