Do Not Learn Blindly From Successful People!

Max Ng asked:

Years ago, a friend recommended me to attend National Achiever Congress seminar. It is an annual 2 days seminar in Singapore where successful and famous people such as Bill Clinton, Jim Rohn, Dr John Gray, Robert Allen, Robert Kiyosaki and many others from all over the world are invited to give speech.

So happily, I went and signed up for the seminar. After the 2 days seminar, I was happy to learn a lot of new things. But I have a lot of doubts too. This was because whatever the speakers had shared are in directly conflict with the beliefs that I was brought up with. And so I did not believe everything they said totally. But I also did not throw away the ideas that they had shared.

The next year, I attended the seminar again. Of course, this time round, all the speakers were different. But I was surprised to hear the same principles of success were being repeated again and again by different successful people.

At that point of time, I have realized that if I want to be successful, I must learn from the advice of successful people. I should not be listening to unsuccessful people. As a result, I have started my journey of self-reflection and examine my own beliefs.

Also, I have started to sign up and attend more and more seminars for self-improvement. In addition, I have become more proactive and start to read more books and listen to more audio clips on self-improvement.

Along the way, I have encountered another issue. Should I follow the advice of successful people blindly? I have made this observation in quite a few of the seminars where some people whom simply follow the advice blindly without questioning.

Basically they will accept whatever the speaker said without going through an internal auditing process of whether to accept or reject the ideas.

This is potentially very dangerous. What if the speaker is charismatic conman trying to con you of money? What if the speaker is a charismatic terrorist trying to brainwash you to be a suicide bomber? What if the speaker is a charismatic cult master trying to convert you? In short, the successful speaker has evil or unkind intention. It is simply too dangerous to believe someone blindly.

Thus, I decided to come out with my own simple rules to evaluate whether certain advice should be considered for following:

1)If the advice is not harmful to you and any people in general, then the advice is worth considering.

2)If the advice is beneficial to both you and others, then it is definitely worth the effort to follow.

The idea that I will like to share with you: Do not learn blindly from successful people!

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