A Successful Wedding Toast

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Wedding toasting glasses can be wonderful keepsakes of a from your very special occasion. Providing champagne and wine is a customary tradition for any toast. Oddly, we never see alternative non-alcoholic beverages, such as: sparkling ciders, punch, and sparkling water.

There are several important moments during your wedding celebration to announce and participate in a wedding toast. Generally, this is the usual order in which toasts are made:

The Best Man The Groom To His Wife Father of the Bride Father of the Groom

Traditions vary throughout different cultures. Some wedding toasts are prepared as lengthy monologues, some are followed by the breaking of glassware. If you’re expect to toast at a wedding which is sultural in nature, discuss details with the bride or groom in advance.

The bride and groom will be expected to do a lot of drinking upon each wedding toast announcement. It’s important to make sure that their glasses are always filled. If you’re the best man of the wedding party, you may wish to pick up a book on wedding toast etiquette. It’s always nice to state how long you have known and loved the couple. Your toast does not have to be very long , but it should express warmth from your heart

Your toast is meant to convey a message of hope. It’s a kind of send-off. You’re encouraging the bride and group to start their lives together as one. You can use your toast to tell a story, or bring the guests on a trip down memory lane. Most importantly, though, this is your opportunity to welcome the bride. A new beginning which will offer plenty of sweet memories and stories down the road.

When will you make your toast? Traditionally, the toasts occurs after the main dinner course is served and eaten. Drinks are usually served and toasting will be announced. Before you begin t speak, make sure you have a glass to toast with.

It’s important that you practice your speech several times at home before you make your toast. There’s nothing worse than getting up in front of all those people — with nothing to say! Write it out and say it aloud. At the end of your toast you should always life your glass and close with a congratulations, for instance:

“To my valued friend ________and his beautiful wife_______ , we all wish you the most wonderful lives together!”

NEVER mention any of these things in a Wedding toast:

Do not use foul language, as it may offend some of the guests (especially those with children) Do not get intoxicated and slur through your speech Do not bring up ex-spouses/former lovers Do not discuss any unethical things you may have done in the past Do not say “I can’t believe you guys made it.” Do not intentionally embarrass the bride or groom. It’s their special day.

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